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Good ideas always move forward, in one way or another they always find room to stay alive, expand and encourage more and more people. And if those good ideas are accompanied by a great style, sweet and charismatic, it is not surprising that a company like Beba´s Closet little by little has more and more admirers in the world of moda – and out of it. Sin duda her bohemian clothing manages to attract everyone's attention.

It is promised by a professional with a lot of talent and a lot of passion, and not only that, connoisseur of the most important details of the world of fashion, that day to day so important to assert a signature while making the public vibrate with something original.

I am lucky to be able to interview Bethlehem Barber, creator of the firm, an economist with a dream. A dream that has managed to parade in Cibeles and has been awarded prizes such as the Next Generation international contest, which is celebrated in the United Kingdom.

– ¿What it's like, from inside, Baby´s Closet?

Beba's Closet is my way of expressing my inner universe, to communicate, to create and try to reach the other. But Beba's Closet above all is an exceptional team of people who are always there, who work hard every day and who believe in a common project. It is my day to day but also my professional dream for the future.

– ¿What fits inside this peculiar wardrobe? ¿And what would never pass through the door?

There is room for everything authentic, what comes from within. The opposite would be to betray the reason why this project was born..


– Recover the sewing tradition. ¿How do you see this in the XXI century?? ¿Is this trend gradually returning or is it my impression?

Todos, with more or less intensity, we are rethinking many things, crisis is change. And among them many women are turning their eyes to what endures, to the authentic, to the value of craftsmanship. I have many young clients who confess to me that apart from the dress, they take one with them experience only: see how a dress is born, how we work with our hands, how we make a sketch come true and that they can intervene in this process is something very special.

– The details, your "strong point". ¿In what aspects are they most enhanced?, design, production, style?

I think our hallmark is the care with which we make each piece and the small details that make each garment special..

– Old details are also used ¿one more detail or a fundamental step of the pieces?

Recover old pieces (Applications, tiptoe, trimmings) was the idea from which the rest was born. Right now sometimes we use them and sometimes we don't, but the bohemian and vintage philosophy and aesthetics will always be there.

-  ¿What is the selection process like? "update" of these trends? ¿Where does this inspiration come from?? ¿What are your classic references??

For me, inspiration is a process of introspection that has a lot of unconscious. Un book, a photography, a special moment… could be the trigger of everything. Always following a thread

driver who, after all, is my way of understanding fashion and dressing women.

– ¿How is then the girl or woman Beba´s Closet and 2011?

¡She is herself so she can be in a thousand ways! Is real, is special, with a very feminine point but that shows in a subtle way, because the secret, what we keep is what makes us special, the mystery can never be lost.

 – It seems that 2010 It's been a great year for Beba´s closet with his foray into Cibeles… ¿Challenge? ¿Aventura? ¿how did you live this "inflection point"?

With a huge illusion for the opportunity that has been, like the beginning of a new stage and always trying to live up to.

– ¿tell us how, when and where can you get your signature dresses?

In our store-atelier in Madrid (C/Lagasca 101), an internet www.passionforfashion.com and soon in multi-brand stores throughout Spain, we are in full expansion.

– Let's talk a little about Bethlehem. ¿How the world of economics is changed by that of fashion? ¿which is the most competitive?

Competition exists in any sector, but I think the important thing is to fight for your dreams. This was mine and I refused to ever look back and regret not trying.. I do not believe in luck, i believe in work, in being brave, patient and persevering, and I fight for my dream every day.

And entered through the front door… "In his last year at the Instituto Europeo di Design he won the prize for the best collection awarded by the firm Burberry.. ¿how do you live that?

It was a huge surprise and a great satisfaction, the first project presented to an international firm and was chosen, ¡it gave me a lot of strength!

– Future plans… both from Bethlehem, like from Beba's closet ¿what do you have in mind?

Expand our atelier in Madrid to create a space dedicated exclusively to brides, expand our multi-brand points of sale, start making ourselves known abroad… we have many plans but I like to go step by step, calmly and safely. But above all, do not lose sight of what moves us, which is to make our clients' dreams come true., that our dresses accompany them in special moments, and that some of them come to be inherited from generation to generation.

Sin duda, Stay tuned, why drink´s Closet stomps and Bethlehem, With the courage and strength that characterizes her, she will not stop fighting for this magnificent dream.. A great bohemian clothing capable of conquering us all.

Imagery: Cibeles Footbridge, autumn-winter and spring Summer 2011. Beba's web´s Closet.