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The Danish firm menswear Matinique arrives this spring to Madrid, in the Scandinavian fashion -showroom Guk.

subtle details, touches very strong colors and graphics for the new spring collection 2013 Danish Matinique signature, This season opens in Space - showroom moda Scandinavian Guk (Loreto y Chicote,2. Madrid) with a clear inspiration sports and streetwear.

It becomes a reference point to go visit this space - you know showroom in Madrid, and surely my friend Gema love him.

An urban look

One of the basic principles of this Danish firm, It is to make garments unique for each station Year, always from an urban point of view and cosmopolitan, as its chief designer says Henrik Kongerslev: “not defining man, but supporting his personality and life goals«. With this in mind, The collection has been created by combining light retro references with sportswear jackets or shirts (with a shoulder seam tighter and smaller necks).

About colors and different outfits

Básicamente, fresh and spring, highlighting the gray "stone", amarillo, naranja, blue and navy, always mixed in a clean and subtle way. The combinations of clothes and shades are multiple. A perfect look, por ejemplo, a blue shirt two colors with wide stripes cotton sweater. Always thinking about the little details, you can find everything from shiny buttons linings playing all kinds of contrasts. Además, being a collection rather classic and elegant, meets in its various details that in principle clothes are not related, as clearly nylon sport jackets in navy blue hooded with bright orange lining large front pockets.