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Mallorcan signature jewelry jewelry Isabel Guarch about their creations to an increasingly international audience and opens a new space to design and market their collections.

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After more than 20 years known as the "secret gem in Mallorca", Isabel signature Guarch Jewels launches a new space in the city center. Decorated in natural colors and local elements such as stone marés, wood and iron, space breathes the same intimacy, personalization and exclusivity that characterizes the firm since its beginnings in a private apartment on Calle Francisco Marti Mora.

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The atelier-boutique is located at No. 16 the Market Square Palma de Mallorca, where he attended a select group of invited representatives of Mallorcan society. Faithful follower of art and local tradition, the brand offered a unique performance by dancer and choreographer Carlos Miró, who intervened with two micro-performances in which we also see how the dancer Veronica Luque in a golden dress designed by José Miró, He looked spectacular pieces from the collections of Isabel Guarch.

The secret gem of Mallorca: designs inspired by tradition and Mediterranean culture

isabel guarch-joyas (1)For signing Isabel Guarch, the Mediterranean, its culture and its history – especially that of Mallorca – They are an infinite field of inspiration. With an eminently feminine history and business management two generations, since its birth in 1982, its creators have continued to question the meaning of the traditional jewel renewing its forms and materials, from the most natural to the most innovative, always chasing a refined and bold contemporary fragrances plasticity, design and art.