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Original glasses that Baptiste wears, but if we see this in some Chinese people we would laugh… or would we??

– Are you a hairless young man and you want to look like nobody's pins that they would leave Luis Candelas himself dead?

– ¿Has Clark Kent complex and she desperately needs to make her life a little bit more comic? - as we see, the pot and the jelly intensify this effect "dollSo desired.

– ¿You need to keep your husband happy while getting hundreds of photography and the eyes of the press and international followers to continue creating a name in the world of moda that he cannot support himself solely with his professional work?

Do not hesitate, here are these discreet and very few geeks glasses Chanel sunglasses with the temples included in the temples - what redundancy - to be able to stand out in a natural way  Discreet yet elegant!. In this case the “newest” takes them  Baptiste Giabiconi that we already know that his shame is inversely proportional to his personal style.

Would you wear them? I admit that some laughter threw me ...