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King Kong leggings with print. You had never imagined anything so fierce between the legs!

Do not be evil thought that this is a blog "white" and we're not talking about sersuales members. But in the moda more geek I recommend these wonderful leggings with a real patterned beast ... literal, ya que nobody can say that King Kong is a lamb!

I have found very friendly and original, but a hoot geek groovy. Although they can't be you styling ideal for a wedding, if I can imagine that to excel in a moderneta party with a shirt that I teach a lot carnaca I propose to show that the uncovering the only beast that is there is not only in the pants!

If you have enjantado called "King Kong Jungle Leggings”, They are from Trash and you can buy it here, (worth 220 zt (I honestly do not know which currency is the!).

I love to see some other star with these leggings, and one Beth Ditto, por ejemplo, and see how it twists and expands the mouth of the monkey!!