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I do not think that is a sign of the times. Es más, I get the impression that It has always existed in many people by a strange aftertaste obscene ostentation. Son those for whom having equal to exhibit and buy is not a rational selection exercise but a rough hoarding. They lack the longing to own that defines the greedy and do not look like a miser hoarding possessions. Does not give them pleasure have or enjoy but feel object of envy it generates in others what you have.

But bragging and boasting are not good companions. At the end of the day, cause sadness in others and that is the academic definition of envy, is a morally unworthy attitude but also socially dangerous. Pues, ¡Woe to those who fall from the heights! When the mighty Rome was defeated by the Gauls of Breno, This demanded a ransom of a thousand pounds of gold. While jewelry and coins were weighed, Roman senators found that the balance had been rigged and afearon the Gallic chieftain his attempt to deceive. This one laughed at beards of such venerable patricians and answered them by throwing his enormous sword at the plate of weights, thereby raising further rescue, while he yelled: Vae Victis! (¡Woe to the losers!).

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Apart from the immorality of behavior and the danger of become a creditor of the social guillotine, Once others take their particular hemline, that gross ostentation manifested daily is only the sublimation of his ignorance.

They are easy to recognize types. You know who I mean: those fools waving a bottle of champagne before opening, wet those around them and celebrate with laughter the pop. Are the same stupid restaurants in choosing wine and meats column looking price to order the most expensive thing on the menu but then leave the dish almost full. If you ask when, you point out the clock and they can tell you where, with who, when, why and how they bought it in final, It is the most elaborate way they proclaim the price of something without saying. Además, They seek to have the biggest and most expensive car, holding tickets with a silver clip and pocket patter to make it clear where they have what they call The taco.

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It is not necessary to be rich, not confused. Divine providence has distributed stupidity among all social classes with unquestionable justice. So there who flaunts an old tuning tourism and who is exhibited on a lavish and prohibitive convertible.

Anyway, if anything appreciate their own health and mental stability, Take it from me: ¡Evítenlos!, flee their closeness. Only they provoke them frustration and boredom. What if, by some cruel reason they have no choice but to endure, do yourself a favor: desprécienlos silent, They deserve nothing.

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For all these reasons, I have always known that there is something personal between those guys and me. That kind of exhibit uninhibited just overwhelms me and causing me some existential nausea that requires them away from me my life. So much so that whenever any social or work situation forces me to waste, even a few minutes of my time, sharing space with them, I fondly remember that afternoon when my father's tailor, which was then also my many years, Finished take measures for my first suit. I am able to visualize as I peered over her glasses and reading, I smiled and said that I would leave open the buttonholes jacket cuffs so he could unfasten buckle up and to my taste. A few days later and after three rigorous tests, I holstered the magnificent blue suit Prince of Wales and excited in front of the mirror I unbuttoned two buttons of each of the sleeves. Smiling gesture that excellent craftsman and better person immediately twisted into a grimace. ¿Because you do that?, he told me. Why do I want them open if you are not going to see them?… He did not let me finish, ¿You need others to know? A gentleman has only to know himself. The buckled somewhat embarrassed. He clapped me on the shoulder, I looked at him and sentenced something I've never forgotten since: a gentleman always shuns ostentation.

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