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I have found that cutting patterns relaxes me, my passion for fashion partly owe my grandmother Aurora, Balenciaga was the Picasso of fashion and the parades 80 plead Mogollon.

Yo, I was always lousy with craftwork, yesterday I discovered that making the drawings and cuts of the pattern by hand on the fabric relaxes me. With this I do not mean that I do it even minimally well, I just make my mind blank and almost disconnected, focusing on the feel of the fabric and the sound of the scissors. I'm a little inept ¡So much so that even at the beginning I had a bad grip on the scissors! Good thing Antonio Alvarado – allow me to call him only Antonio who, although Melanie Griffith remains very, We are already gaining confidence – He has infinite patience and helps you at every step without losing his smile.

— MARS —

Yesterday we continued with our jacket – I wanted to show you a photo while I was painting the pattern but I forgot my mobile at home and I couldn't take a photo of it… so i thought better of it I have decided to keep the intrigue until the end. I'll show you when it's finished. The pieces are already cut out and the time to start sewing is getting closer and closer! Let's see what's up!

We also introduce ourselves to all the students. We have discovered that each one lives the moda in very different ways and it has been known that many of us – among which I include myself – We have had dressmaker grandmothers who have made us love fashion from a very young age.. Life takes unsuspected paths and sometimes makes us remember beings that we loved very much and who are not with us today.. Every time I hooked a pin to the fabric, Aurora was upstairs smiling!

In the theoretical part we met the great genius Cristobal Balenciaga, or “The Picasso of Fashion” for living many of the fashion currents of the 20th century. I already knew that it was very cool but Antonio made us discover that it was even more cool with the volumes of his garments through the patterns themselves, achieving incredible effects and frames.: “The one who best handled the world's fabrics and almost a predecessor of Dior's New Look” Antonio has defined his creations as “pure architecture designed for movement”.

Finally we watched a VHS! Yes sirs, we have gone retro and we have seen a VHS with a parade of Alvarado del 87 where we check the difference with the current parades. There was a lot of movement in it, models with grace – there were even Carlos Lozano – si, the presenter –Violeta Sánchez and Rossy de Palma. I found it much more scenic and spectacular than the current, but it is true that I have paid less attention to the clothes than to the mannequins or their movements.

Among the anecdotes that Alvarado told us yesterday, Tuesday, he highlighted his little “childhood obsession” con in the film Barbarella and with that wall of brown hair so characteristic. That film has also marked me stylistically due to the revolutionary vision of styling into a space diva, although I loved the hair… I was even more surprised by that of the breasts in the air with plastics…. We keep advancing and more and more concentrated and at ease.