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The jacket continues to go from strength to strength “every return” and my collection takes more and more shape and more personality.

This course of Introduction to the Design of Moda de Estación Diseño it is intensive, and that is why this week I should be too. So my pending task for these last days: focus, centralize and act.

Even so, my collection “Mándala” it's also going from strength to strength. I didn't want to make designs "out of the blue"” without intention or a “story” to tell, but needed to link all of creation to both an image and a philosophy… For this reason, it may have taken longer and is going a tad slower than some colleagues who have already presented true works of art.! As you have been able to read "Mándala” is based on the inspiration of the "Laws of Manu” – In this case it is where the third in discord comes into play, what a coincidence – a Sanskrit text defining the performance of different Hindu castes and their behavior. some of these laws, in the current context and in our society, They could be branded as hyper-macho and I intend to make my designs a shield of strength and femininity for women. (and maybe I dare to do something as a man). In addition the send them son “diagrams or schematic and symbolic representations of the macrocosm and microcosm” reflected through symmetry and color.

In general we have a reflection through these mandalic forms on the strength and femininity of women based on this specific passage of the Laws «Manu assigned the woman a bed, seat, ornaments, impure desires, Rage, dishonesty, malice and misconduct» ¿Who said all these words had to have a negative connotation??

Here I leave you the first chosen color palette. I want to do another one, but it will vary little… and the mandala that will be used as a base in the collection…


We continue with the jacket that is taking on more and more shapes. We have already basted together some pieces and we are getting an idea of ​​how it fits and how the variations are applied.. The truth is that the great multipurpose classroom of Estación Diseño is coming from luxury to be able to be comfortable painting, sewing, cutting…. I don't want to create false expectations since yesterday it seemed that I was creating a jacket that you die for. This is a return test – the basic fabric to make the patterns come true – but since it is my first encounter with the needle, I am evaluating it as if it were a YSL itself.

About him was the most theoretical part of fashion geniuses. We rediscover a Yves closely linked to art, we met an introverted and brilliant person capable of making magnificent creations arising from the most varied inspirations and we defined the magnificent genius, the first to launch into pret-a-porter and continue to maintain high quality standards, always linking his firm and his advertising campaigns to the provocation. So it will be necessary to go through the exhibition without a doubt.

We also talk about public relations, communication and marketing on the subject of fashion – You already know that I love communication topics – and Antonio explained both what is done in the sector, as his own particular vision “Good thing an agency runs it, otherwise I would be angry all day” has commented on her relationship with stylists.

As for the anecdotes, Alvarado commented that he prefers to see his dresses worn by people related to the world of culture., like Lucía Etxebarría or Ouka Leele – that they are even her friends – more than mere celebrities.