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Revalue creators and discover new geniuses. This and much more is entering the world of fashion.….

Thursday arrived full of surprises. Antonio had warned us to be well dressed “like an opening or something” since we were going to take a group photo and toast the course together. So there we all present ourselves in our best clothes – I admit that I could have pressed more, even having released some of my Versace acquisitions for H&M but I preferred to bet on simplicity and comfort to focus more on the background and less on the form-. So in the middle of class, we stopped and went down to the library Estación Diseño where a delicious white wine was waiting for us – surprise, since the wine doesn't bother me too much – and some snacks both sweet and salty – the chocolates are a success.

We toast to the course and to ourselves together with the director and other members of the center team and later we took individual and group photos that Carlos – the school principal – He has very kindly sent me so that I can show it to you. I am the one below, although I don't have the glasses, sure you can recognize me!  ¿Why do we come out handsome?? Great initiative from this little girl. “party of the moda in Design Station” where we could not only relax, get to know each other a little better and celebrate how well the course is developing.

— Jueves —

The jacket goes on, I have had to do several touch-ups – always helped by Alvarado – because my back was a little out of square. But all good. I have discovered that I sew “lazily.”” and that many baskets are undone! Double job! Manu, squeeze!

To everyone that I have taught they quite liked the sketches of my first designs, that encourages me to go ahead and redefine some pieces….

As for the “theoretical” part” – since as Antonio defined, “It looks like a Cuban factory.”” where while we sew he tells us everything, we have chatted a bit about Moschino, redescubierto a Thierry Mugler, and at least I, conocido a Stephen Sprouse.

I hadn't been curious to investigate it yet – for me Thierry Mugler He was nothing more than a man who made perfumes and brought out Lady Gaga in his shows… I was struck by the special world reflected in the perfume campaigns and even the Zombie Kid, the protagonist of their latest productions., but he hadn't put the magnifying glass on it as historical. But yesterday thanks to Antonio Alvarado I was able to discover the creative genius far beyond the current brand. Turning your fantasy and your ideas into reality for me is the most fantastic thing that exists, and he was able to do it through fashion. References to comics, to art, to the history, al cine and to music, make it even more complete and varied. Each suit was in itself a true spectacle, not just for the paraphernalia, but for the idea and intention.

En cuanto a Sthephen Sprouse He has quickly conquered me as the perfect creator of “counter-trends”.” and “trends”” most avant-garde based on look at urban tribes and underground reminiscences – For example, he was the creator of the Punk style and the first to pin t-shirts with a safety pin.. In addition, its connection with art makes it even more interesting..

You probably know him because he is the honored designer and at the same time creator of the famous “graffiti print.”” from Louis Vuitton that Marc Jacobs carried to bags, vestidos, etc.…  Not long ago (Center image); but I stick with the line he made in collaboration with Keith Haring before the fame of both. You already know that I am passionate about Haring, so it's a winning combo! There are hardly any images on the internet, so if you find more let me know!