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Once the intensive is finished, I am left with the idea of ​​fighting for what you want and continue to know little by little the intricate and exciting world of fashion design.

¿Who said that in a week there was no time to learn almost anything? Well, I have learned a lot of things from Antonio Alvarado in Estación Diseño. This course of Introduction to the Design of Moda has fulfilled what it promised: make us understand the wide, miscellaneous, complex and sacrificed that is the world of fashion. We have touched almost all the branches of which it is composed, to be able to define our virtues, interests and wishes.



We continue with the jacket to define the final adjustments of which I show you the "final" result. as you see in the photos, It is a first test of a “chanelera” jacket” made in retor and unfinished (in the image the bottoms are missing to take and place the pockets). As Anthony explained, This exercise has served both to make us know the basic preparation of a garment, so that he could evaluate our way of facing jobs manually and our willingness to do so.

We learned about the interesting work of Manuel Pineapple, Spanish bulwark of fashion creation and we continue to see shows by Antonio (specifically Cul de Sac). We also define the final touches of our “collections” that had to be presented on Saturday. Send it was almost finished but I needed to organize my ideas and clean it up.


And the last day came. Saturday morning but with enthusiasm to know the result of all the work. The last day we defined the colors and fabrics of which our hypothetical designs would be composed – For me Mandala was made of silk, silk knit, printed transparent gauze and some other design with tergal or angora. All in the same colors that I showed you the other day. The truth is that, if I know anything about this, I am quite satisfied with the result. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I've done something decent!

when we finished, we handed them over to Antonio who evaluated them individually for a while. Then came "the Forum". We sat around him and little by little the designer was telling us about our successes, failures and what he had been able to discover about us and our relationship with fashion throughout the week. Your honesty and clarity is appreciated., since I consider that it is essential to know your virtues and defects to exploit them or reduce them (according to occasion).

El I think the result has been quite positive; As Alvarado commented, in my case he was surprised by how seriously I have taken it, for how willing and for the progress I have made during the week – ¡I started without knowing how to hold a pair of scissors!. He really liked the colors of Mándala and some specific designs, but it also defined that I still have a lot to train and work on it a lot.

For my part, I commented that I believe that the world where I manage best is that of communication. – and it happened, like a good journalist, I have already sent him an interview for this dear blog that you will be able to see soon! – this design thing is a passion for creating but I don't think it will become a latent reality. Even so I will be proud to make one of the dresses that I have designed in this course for my mother: She liked it, although I don't know if it's for mother's sake or because she really likes it.!

This has been my journey through the introduction of fashion design. What I have clear is that I will continue painting and that I will try to throw myself more and more into the pool. That might just stay in my drawer, but it doesn't make me any less happy. Thanks Antonio for making me discover how cool all this is y Thank you Design Station for bringing this great fashion training to Granada – stay tuned because fashion training aims to become an important branch within the center, so if you like it stay informed.