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The new trend of the pop diva that impacts her fans: Now you have horns! We discovered Lady Gaga and her subcutaneous implants.

Just a few hours to leave his new song, Born this way, the multifaceted artist - this always remains very José Luis Moreno - is already revolutionizing half the world with the first promotional image that has left see this new project. Lady Gaga and her implants:

Lady Gaga and her implants

Some think it is fantastic, and others still find one of those monsters she defends both.

Above you can see the image published. (Sin duda, eye makeup that will become a world leader - and if not time) but what it makes me think that raves are those "horns" that carries the Germanotta.

This surprised me because at the time, when you are watching a documentary about the "wonderful" world of piercings, tattoos and body modification, I met the called subcutaneous implants. In principle this came as contraceptive technology (El País article about), surgical small pieces of metal - very discreet and almost imperceptible – which they were introduced in the arm to regulate hormones. But like everything, this stepped forward and started to become issues of esthetics and moda.

According to a definition found ea Forum "body Tunning”:

"These implants are placed between layers of the skin of a person in order to make a raised or 3D effect. The implant is installed by a simple surgical procedure that involves removal of the skin layers of the individual and create a space to place. The incisions are then sewn and scarring around the implant allowed. Once cured, the skin wraps around, revealing its design as a higher body. "

According to some experts, this technique is spreading like wildfire around the world - especially the US - as a way to go a step further in body modification.

Lady Gaga and her implants¿Lady Gaga really will have undergone this treatment of subcutaneous implants? Or is it just a matter of photoshop and makeup? ¿No Born this way? because you do modifying your face with these little horns? The truth is that when the eccentricity stripe madness not know if it's valuable or just mamarrachería. That does not mean that the single probably enchant me!

Update: This Sunday (13 February) He made his first public appearance in a performance at the Grammys, where he also wore these implants in the face and shoulders. Reality, Film makeup techniques? Judge for yourselves

Update: 16 abril 2011: Finally Gaga talks about his horns - subcutaneous implants. As discussed Diva – statements collected in an interview with the singer in Harper's Bazaar and echoed by Europa Press worldwide, these horns and protrusions from his shoulders, which they have raised questions about whether they are really prosthesis or had undergone a facelift.

Lady Gaga confirmaba: “I've never had plastic surgery. They are not prostheses, They are my bones ". The singer insisted that her bones were always inside her and added that “I have been waiting for the right moment to show the universe who I really am”. According to the publication, Gaga says that these horns and those bones protruding “They come out when I'm inspired” and that everyone has them because they are “the light that comes from within us«

What do you think this? I think I prefer not to leave me much light to be!

Also Lady Gaga and her implants show off in her official Born This Way video: