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The Tarasca fashion shows that reign in the city in summer. The spirit«Lana Del Rey» reaches Granada!

I love the dress she designed Pilar Torrecillas, partner in the Master of Moda de ESCO (She is the Director) a fabric with a dramatic drop and flattering cut, bright and capable of making dream, which is just what is intended with this presentanción of «Public« which is the name this step.

This time the Grenadines spend some heat with long skirt long run-and equally long sleeve. But yes, They will become precious virginal damsels dressed in green bank and honoring nature. They also cover your body with floral details, leaves and insects (and some other tack) to become goddesses certainly true.

I also love the allegory of representation that portrays the struggle between «the beautiful andthe beast» and as human beauty is overlaid with the aggressiveness and animal ugliness. It is the representation of St. Mark on Tarasca, which it is a Dragon of the town of Tarascon. Read Full legend here, which it is very cool! White on green, Sweet cloth against the cold flake…  on this occasion, domo defined Torrecillas news conference is designed dress for «take it to the goddess quality that has for Grenadian»

También me ha encantado el pelo, covering his face and making it a «modenna» which may be newly output Malasaña, Rabal, or your «homonónimo» granadino the transversal streets under the Gran Vía Granadina. Santiago de Rio is signed.

For all this stuff avant-garde, because he is always dressed in wedding grandmother or rancid, because it shows that fashion this year is taking a lot of strength in Granada, for all this! Welcome Lana of the King of Granada, Forgiveness Santa Marta!

Fotos: Álex House and Europa Press