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"It is that movement of life that covers with tacks and appliques, like fake armor, against the rough edges of life. "

Beatriz-Vzquez-by-Raquel-Reina-Todos-los-derechos-reservadosWhen asking Who is Beatriz Vázquez or how would you define yourself? that young designer of moda he has it very clear! Answer without hesitation, loud and clear, where does it come from, where are you going and what are your concerns.

Beatriz Vazquez (Bea for friends) is a girl from 24 años (5 August 1986), born in Figueres (Alt Emporda), highly influenced by genius among geniuses (from an early age): Salvador Dali, the surrealism, the "Tramuntana" (the very strong north wind so characteristic of its area) and of course the Rock 'n' Roll. Impulsive, very impulsive, with a lot of character, talkative ad nauseam, hysterical, enthusiastic, dreamer, who is guided by his instincts both when creating, as in the day to day. I like the feeling of not knowing what will happen, I like things to come up without planning, otherwise everything would be too mathematical. Even so, although it seems a contradiction, I am extremely self demanding, cerebral, thinker ad nauseam: my head is my executioner, with a C.I. de 140 I can't stop analyzing and philosophizing about everything and everyone, at all hours. I consider myself a spectator before I participate in life. I believe that designers are also artists, true sociologists, therefore I am a very observant person, muchísimo. Human beings never cease to amaze me for both good and bad, that's his greatness.”

And after this very cool self-introduction, we discovered Beatriz Vázquez, half sociologist half designer who under the insinuating name of Metals in Decadence has entered like an elephant in a china shop - I mean making metals rattle - in the world of fashion.

– Tell us how everything has been until we got here, How did you start in the world of fashion?What are you most passionate about?

Since I had the strength to hold a pencil in my right hand, around the young age of 3 años, I was already drawing compulsively. While other children wasted time in extracurricular activities imposed by their parents, I would sit before blank sheets of paper, imagining, fantasizing, and all that fruitful world born of my imagination was captured in infinite drawings, that even today I keep and review. To the 8 years I decided to learn further, and I went to drawing classes and oil painting and watercolor. But to 12 I had a "Revelation" and I was already very clear that I wanted to leave Figueres, a city of "black rags" where people are not exactly characterized by their taste in clothing.

I compulsively bought fashion magazines, art and so on and I kept imagining, but this time he drew figurines, I imagined very strong women, dressed in an incredible way, that with their appearance they were able to silence a macho society, Warrior women. So I decided that in order to be a designer I had to do things right, I started the Scientific Baccalaureate, which I did not finish and finally I studied the Artistic Baccalaureate and did the Selectivity. My goal was Barcelona, few / as know the love that I profess to Barcelona, for me it is always a way of escape and inspiration. Then to the 19 I was already installed years ago and I studied Higher Studies in Design and Fashion at the FELICIDAD DUCE School, in addition to Specialization Courses within the same and a Postgraduate in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona on "Functions of Drawing in Stage Costumes and Fashion".

It all started in an “official” way a year ago when I presented my Final Degree Project Collection: “Metales Decadentes / Metals In Decadence” on the ModaFAD Barcelona platform, en la Edición “What Remains is Future”, They gave me the Special Mention for Best Creativity. Since then you can say that I have not stopped, because I have fought a lot, nobody gifted me anything. What I'm most passionate about is being me, who creates from the first sketch, to the drawings of the garments, The inspiration (Sketchbook), the figurines, the pattern, the applique – one by one – by hand of the findings such as rivets and tacks, creating the fabrics myself, from painting and aging skins, how to bleach or create whole garments with other materials such as chains. Being a part of ALL the creative process is what I am most passionate about, pues what does not sweat, that which is created without suffering, cannot produce any kind of pleasure or satisfaction.

– How is it to move in places like the ego of Cibeles, Modafad?You have entered the circuit ... What does it give you?

Bueno, everything has its positive side and its negative side, it is clear. But I stay with the positive that the circuit has been able to give me, from ModaFAD to Cibeles' EGO. It is always good to scroll to display a collection and see different audiences, know how to move both in the official circuits and in the most alternative. Until today, it has given me learning, knowledge, knowing how to relate and contact people in the sector, meet amazing people, especially all those people who like me, they live intensely, and believe in what they do, who are fighters and tireless, authentic artists.

– Do you feel that you have been well received in the world of fashion? For now you have already had appearances in the press, and else… How it lives?

I don't know if good or bad, but what is clear that my first collection has not left indifferent, I'm very sure of that. I know that some fear me and speak ill of me behind my back because I don't mince words and I will not play their game.Thank you! I appreciate the free publicity you give me. For those who are already positioned, designers like me, that we are many! We are a danger, because above all we are real creators, since we are participants in the entire creative process and we do not need superfluous and inconsistent endorsements, when the work is good, and the result too, I think there is no more to say, and the obvious does not need more, ART speaks for itself, does not need anyone or anything.

We all like appearances in the press, do not forget the power of the Press. In less than a year they have published several editorials where my clothes or Total Looks appear in national alternative magazines, such as Rocket Magazine, Cyan Magazine, It magazine, Doze Magazine, etc. I have been published the Campaign of the collection "Metals In Decadence" that we recently carried out with artists from Barcelona in Vaga Magazine New York Thank you for that! It is brutal to see on paper the Campaign of your Collection and your signature published in a New York Fashion Magazine! But of the press appearances that made me most excited were at the beginning, from local newspapers and television. Feeling that my work is recognized in my hometown and fleeing the famous saying "No one is a prophet in his land", it fills me a lot.

Of course I thank all those who have counted on my clothes for their editorials., from photographers, stylists, make-up artists, peluqueros/as, all those artistic teams with which I have had the pleasure of working, especially in my last trip to Madrid an Artistic Team with whom I had the pleasure of working, that have stolen my heart, true artists! Thanks!

– »What's up» your latest collection «Metals in Decadence»?

The same name that baptizes this collection, “METALS IN DECADENCE”, It is intended to be a metaphor for the stages of life and being. Life in its beginning, it is precious like gold, so shiny, so fantastic. It is the passage of time who, yet, taking into account the hardness of the most precious metals, wears them out, it lashes them with rough edges and grows old with its step, snatching all their cry, its shine, all idealism that they transmitted to us at first with their precious forms, becomes decadent. As the same being, pure, clean and without evil in its first steps, slaves of fear, memories and ghosts in the twilight of their existence.

It is that movement of life that covers with tacks and appliques, like fake armor, against the rough edges of life. Armor that, like everything in life, they shine at their earliest origins to finish worn, dirty and opaque like copper, hence the difference of three main colors, three metals: oro, silver and bronze. Strong metals that combine with the wear and tear of life, with bleaches, (tye & the) that symbolize that what was and what still exists coexists in the garments, like wounded armor. The ties symbolized with buckles, represent a burden for us that accompanies us and that in the long run will break. Elaborate garments woven entirely with chains, that emulate the human skeleton, support of everything, of all our weight metaphor of the endurance of all our load. Some garments are close to the body, others flee quickly wanting to get away from reality, others are second skins ...

My collections speak of countercultural music, the punk, the grunge, Rock in general and the stages of life. My work reflects the vision I have of the world. A world, that in my eyes is hysterical, hectic, loco, In summary, a nonsense system where culture is a fraud. Above all, my collections are intended to be a reflection of everything that, because of the system it causes us anguish, sadness, Rage, anger and helplessness. We are fragile in the face of adversity. We create armor, shields of protection against all, even against us. And it is for this reason that I use materials such as leather, that symbolizes an extension of ourselves, a skin that hardens and hardens around us to protect us from the world. My job, it supposes an absolute introspection, a therapy, more than just an aesthetic expression, is an emotional expression, an exorcism of rage that is transmitted in an aesthetic way.

«The blues had a son and they called him Rock 'n’ Roll… but at the same time the Rock 'n’ Roll also had an abortion, and that abortion, it might as well be the one the pistols sang in the story of Pauline in the "Bodies" tree, was expelled from the great womb of Mother Rock in the 100 Club. It was September 76, they played siouxie, The Clash y los Sex Pistols. It was the last warning. Después, the punk rebellion became unstoppable. » By JON SAVAGE

«He who has harmed a being in the past, gives you strength to succeed in the future. Because of the pain, the most beautiful and inexplicable things are born and from suffering the most wonderful thoughts. " By BEATRIZ VÁZQUEZ

– Irresistible mix of materials Are you a bit eclectic too??

I love the mix I admit, but that it is a mixture that in the eyes of the public is homogeneous. Strike a balance. So much when creating, how to dress, I consider myself eclectic, I like the mix of trends and styles, not being strictly faithful to an aesthetic. In terms of way of being, I am also quite eclectic, I like to catch and absorb all the trends, currents and others.

– Uh ah… Are girls warriors?Do we put the chains on them?

Exact! We girls are warriors and let it be clear. Chains are not to enslave women, but to show that it can lead to that and much more! When it comes to creating the female body, it gives much more play, since the curves allow to create beyond the established parameters. That's why I love the idea of ​​wearing her only chains, it's incredibly sensual, shows strength, a lot of war and a lot of rock. Although many times I get angry and think why dedicate him to a world of macho, how is the world of rock, my collections?. But then I calm down and reflect, I look back and out of respect to female figures so important in the world of music that they broke molds and managed to find a place in a world of men, I keep honoring Rock 'n' Roll: desde The Runaways, with Lita Ford and Joan Jett, Nico de The Velvet Underground, Janis Joplin, the amazing goddess among goddesses Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, etc. For them and for many more to come, They will surely break the mold, I bet on all of them!

In some cases it could in a way remember Rodarte, by the use of studs and metallic tones, but bringing all your personality Inspiration or «common feeling»?

Rodarte is a firm that I respect a lot, from which I rescue and admire the masterful use of tricot and above all I was fascinated by Christian Louboutin shoes for Rodarte from several seasons ago, with endless spikes and tacks. I think that with Rodarte we have a slight common feeling, but they make more "lady" dresses, work with dusty tones, “nude”, grises, and the silhouettes are much more fitted. I like stronger materials, contrast and volumes, the gathered ones, deconstruction. I really like experimenting with new patterns and silhouettes.

– Have you thought of something destined for man?

Of course! In fact, my collection likes the male sector much more, so for the collection I'm preparing for the 2011 there will be room for man, it will be a mixed collection. So all Rockers around the world can rejoice!

– How and where can you get your clothes?

At the moment I have no points of sale, so on request taking into account that they are unique garments. That is why I am currently also working on more affordable "Basics" to be able to place them in points of sale and be able to access all pockets.

– What is the next step?Where would you like to go?

For now, continue in the same line, keep me, and keep fighting and working as before. The next step is to create a new collection for the 2011, following the same philosophy of timelessness in the collections, with the same common thread. I would also like to revolutionize fashion, revolutionize the Fashion System towards New Horizons. And for him 2011 dress up rock bands, Punk, Grunge, Metal both nationally and internationally, Let's not forget that music is my creative engine and seeing my clothes on people in the music world is a total satisfaction for me. I hope I can stay in this for many years. That's my goal, My objective.

Here you can see the complete lookbook with all the garments in the collection!!

Sin duda, the lord of the Gafas Amarillo joins this conscientious rock by Beatriz and is looking forward to the men's collection!

Photo by Beatriz Vázquez: Rachel Reina (All rights reserved)

Fashion Designer: Beatriz Vazquez
Photography: Rachel Reina
Graphic Design: David sanchez
Stylist: Beatriz Vazquez
Ass. Stylist: Aizea Juarros
Make Up: Laura Sans
Hair: Noelia Peso
Model: Rachel Sustatxa