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It is capable of revaluing metal through new techniques and original designs. These jewels are timeless!!

Jewelry is a world that fascinates me, y how to extrapolate creation and creativity to these objects of desire. For this I am very grateful to Nata Arambarri from C´est Moi? for this interview, since I think his signature clearly exposes how a jewel can truly be a sculptural work of art.

Nata Arambarri created the C´est moi brand? en 2007 with a clear objective to give a twist to conventional jewelry designs and design original pieces that make the woman who wears them feel unique. She herself makes both the design and the pieces, letting herself be inspired, but based on a experience and very interesting studies ...

In the images we can see the new collection for 2012 and as she defines it "very colorful, all silver with gold plating, and mounted on amazingly colored quartz!” I am undoubtedly a big fan of this girl since she gets amazing and striking but wearable pieces ...

– Why this name?

I had a lot of fun. It seems to me that it gives a glamorous touch to the firm, I also think it reflects the pieces very well as they are unique pieces that make whoever wears them feel completely unique.

– Youth is contrasted with the maturity of the pieces…. How does inspiration arise?

Inspiration sometimes comes, pero I believe that it works better. Museums, galleries, libros, you have to be constantly soaking up everything the world has to offer to have ideas when it comes to sitting down to work.  Personally, I usually buy the stones (which are usually very special stones) and from there I start to create the piece. I don't draw before nor do I have in mind what I want, it comes up while I work.

– How is the research process with new materials and shapes?

More than new materials, what I specialize in is the treatment I give to metal, I investigate new textures that can be given to the latter (I almost always use gold and silver, ever bronze). I did a jewelry course at Saint Martins School in London called Experimental Jewelery, there I learned how to research metal and how to get different finishes, fascinates me, sometimes it even seems like you've changed the metal you work with!

– Handmade jewelry… Unique pieces… Small works of art… How do you get to price something like this economically?

It is very difficult, i don't even think i do it right, but it is also what you live from and you have to be in the market. I calculate it according to the material and the hours worked.

 – How trends in the world of jewelry are reflected?

Jewelry can be a trend in itself! I don't think jewelry has expiration, I don't see diamonds being taken away more at any given time than at another. The jewels are timeless, do not follow such strict trends as moda, jewelery instead yes.


– What is the most complicated thing in creating and maintaining a fashion business like this? Does the road compensate?

In this business everything is complicated. First there is a lot of competition, then there is also the difficulty of making yourself known, reach the public, like, that they choose you and not others ... The truth is that it is not an easy path. I understand because I am passionate about my work, but it takes a lot of effort to get ahead.

– What do you think of the firms or markets that offer copies and jewelry at very low cost? How to face this competition?

The truth is that particularly my pieces are very different from what is usually seen. Being unique pieces, sculptural, I do them all by hand and I do not follow any type of aesthetic, all my pieces are very particular. It is just in this that I rely on to differentiate myself from other brands.

You can learn more and ask about them on their own website.