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No, I do not mean that this model is flawed by international facial hair! No doubt this is one of the names moda more fashionable" (pun) monopolizing publishers, parades and loyal assistant to soirees, presentaciones, desfiles, etc. Elisa Sednaoui is everywhere.

Has racial beauty, which plays an important role symmetry, a beautiful catlike eyes and mouth getting this Italian of 23 años (with Egyptian roots) hypnotize any camera. Within the canons of their models coleguis measures 1, 75 and you have some measures 84-60-89, a little below "technical perfection" but within the current standard mannequins. but it is a topic that I have very light, sideburns!

Sometimes, Stars such as photo shoots (I do not want to think it's just Photoshop) They are slender and imposing, but at other times, por ejemplo, when we see short presentations at parties and their impact is not the same. Mixing different times thinness and fitness firm legs and get a fibred, which are separated in the usual sample between models, that never develop in such measure his muscles.

How I read somewhere, the legs are "the way of desire", and we have all seen as a strong legs evoke unexpected sensations. No contempt work, or style, and much less the beauty of Eli, pero I noticed in your legs and I'm not entirely sure if I prefer passionate or another stereotype, maybe it is that I caught a couple of bad pictures…

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