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Blue Control is an anti-glare treatment that neutralizes of the harmful blue light issued flat screens, interior lights low power consumption and sunlight.

Las BlueControl lenses with blue light technology neutralize preventing fatigue and stress visual and reduce glare for a vision more edmoda and relaxed in addition to increasing contrast perception by offering a more natural color vision. BlueControl not neutralize the 100% light blue, because blue light is needed to keep us awake and is very important to increase and improve the perception Contrast. Además, Blue Lens Control neutralizes blue light without yellow filters, thus protecting eyes, maintaining the aesthetics in the lens.

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To promote a healthier life and insight into the current and evolving digital society, Hoya believes it is necessary to increase awareness of the potential risks of blue light, promote the responsible use of digital devices and reduce exposure to blue light throughout the day. BlueControl has been developed to help meet these objectives.

¿Qué pasa con la luz azul? ¿y por qué son importantes las Lentes Blue Control?

Blue light, also known as high-energy visible light, comes from the blue end of the visible spectrum. The wavelengths of visible blue light are between 380-495 nm. It is the strongest visible light spectrum that enters our eyes through the cornea, Crystal and goes directly to the retina.

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Blue light sources are the sun, saving lights, flat screens all around us, as TVs, monitors, tablets, mobile phones and other digital devices. The blue light in itself is not dangerous. The danger is the sobreexposición to it due to the amount of hours spent in front of all kinds of devices.

Research has shown that more than a third of employed adults between 4 y 6 hours a day in the use of digital equipment, Meanwhile he 14% employs between 10 y 12 hour. Therefore not surprising that more and more people suffer discomfort as: Red eyes, the irritated dry; blurry vision, fatigue or headaches. And these lenses Blue Control for glasses palliate the effect.