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Inside your closet is an informative manual that introduces the youngest in the world of fashion. Les explains interesting data and is included ¡helps them discover their style and personality!

Mostly aimed at preteens and young, el book «In your closet. Everything you need to know about the world of moda» it becomes a good introductory manual to a tremendously interesting but sometimes very complex world. In him the trends, fashion and personal style become affordable and above all close concept. Written by Catalina Gonzalez Vilar, and edited by SM; has more than 140 pages and amounts to a P.V.P of 19.90€. Buy here.

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«This fashion book for the youngest, with a fun approach, invites us to look with curiosity at our own wardrobe to know what we use to dress and why we use it. A look also at the body and our perception of it and the ways to beautify it, take care of it and enjoy it«. – explain from SM.

Going from dressing dolls to dressing oneself is complicated and with «In your closet» we make it easy to understand and lay the foundations for the future passion of those interested in the sector. In its pages you can meet the great masters, walk walkways and markets, learn curious facts about consumption and sustainability and glimpse where the fashion of the future is going… «The world of fashion as you have never been told. Because what's inside your closet says a lot about you, but also the world you live in«.

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Además, I assure you that also it's great for refreshing basics or discovering little details and anecdotes in which those of us who call ourselves «fashion experts» we have not repaired or we have forgotten. So if you are thinking of giving it to a young person around you, ¡do not hesitate to take a look at it too, it will surely surprise you!

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