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Si «rich people cry too», This novel tells how, if they are also mad and they are Asians, It can be carried around the end.

«hilarious, addictive and full of opulence, This novel is a candid look and pretty crazy to the world of Asian superrich«. This is how the publisher defines book what do they make me reach: «Locos, rich and Asian» de Kevin Kwan. Recently published in Spain by Suma (You can buy it here. 19,90€), this novel already has more than 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide and has been a finalist for the Goodreads awards.

If the expression Asian luxury need some instant the show, it would suffice to remove it from any of the descriptions in the novel.It has been described as a blend between Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudice. magnificent mansions, gardens and islands dream, y travel on board aircraft and huge private yachts are the setting in which Kwan unleashes its keenness to draw the magnificent portrait of a continent, as an iceberg, It hides much more than it shows.Locos, rich and Asian examination is a dazzling world moda and haute couture that does not overlook or compulsive shopping or paradoxical hobby of billionaires counterfeits.

¿what is it about «Locos, rich and Asian»?

When the New Yorker Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer with her boyfriend in Singapore, Nicholas Young, Imagine a humble family home and time alone with the man she hopes to marry. But Nick has forgotten to provide certain details to his girlfriend. En primer lugar, the house in which he grew up looks like a palace; second, which it is more used to traveling on private jets that drive; third, que, apparently, he is the most eligible single man in the country. Y, as soon as it lands on his arm, Rachel realizes that in this world of unimaginable wealth holiday just become a delirious steeplechase.

promotional film based on the book.

About the Author: Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan knows firsthand the world of talking on her bestselling novel. He born in Singapore, where he studied at the Anglo-Chinese School, one of the two male schools attended by the cream of the country and one of the best schools in the world. at eleven years, Kwan moved to the United States, where he studied high school and began to dream of one day living in New York. After graduating in creative writing at the University of Houston, he moved to Manhattan to study at the Parsons School of Design. The early years in the city, he spent working for Martha Stewart Living, Interview magazine and legendary firm M&Co, founded by Tibor Kalman.

Already in the year 2000 he founded his own creative studio, where he specialized in the production of visual high-profile projects for clients such as the New York Times, the Museum of Modern Art and the Rockwell Group. Among its projects, Kwan was in charge of handling the legendary collection of jewelry Elizabeth Taylor during the creation of visual book Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry.Time magazine has named Kwan as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Locos, rich and Asian… on the big screen.

His film adaptation, Crazy Rich Asians, He has broken box office records, becoming the summer movie in the US. His arrival in Spain is expected shortly. After its successful stint in bookstores, I jumped from him to cine had excited. Tape, directed by Jon M. Zhou, It was the first major American production starring entirely by Asian actors 25 años. And he did not disappoint. Several weeks after its release in August, It has become a phenomenon that continues to lead the box office in the US.