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A new book celebrates the passion of Yves Saint Laurent by accessories and how they formed the look and power of a woman.

Fifteen years have passed since the last parade of Yves Saint Laurent at the Center Pompidou, but the legacy of masterful designer still alive through its immense archive. this October, Phaidon has published Yves Saint Laurent Accessories, an exclusive tribute and a jewelery retrospective, hats, belts, guantes, shoes and bags of the emblematic designer of moda.

From her shoes created with Roger Vivier for the Mondrian dress to her Braque-inspired bird-shaped earrings, going through lesser-known designs, this captivating studio is the only one book which focuses exclusively on Saint Laurent accessories, which have rarely been documented.

Para Saint Laurent, the perfection of a set depended as much on its accessories as on the design of the clothing itself. From his first collection in 1962 until his last presentation in 2002, the designer created unique pieces that complemented his legendary couture clothing. Comparing accessories with gestures, Saint Laurent described his elaborate ornaments as 'dream objects'. Yves Saint Laurent Accessories reveals the many inspirations, materials, fantasies and rigor behind each of his timeless pieces.

Everything that is said about the importance of accessories is little. They're the ones who turn a dress into something else. I like the dresses to be sober and the accessories extravagant. – Yves Saint Laurent, 1977

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Designed and edited in close collaboration with the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris, Yves Saint Laurent Accessories by Patrick Mauriès offers an unprecedented look at archives, highly confidential and protected, of the foundation, which houses more than 20.000 designer accessories.

From the chapters 'Hand’ y ‘Staging’ hasta ‘Impressions of Africa’ y ‘Hybrid motifs and good-luck charms’, Yves Saint Laurent Accessories brings out the designer's creative process and offers an unparalleled look at the process through which his fashion became both art and commerce..

This splendid tome includes images from the Saint Laurent collection commissioned especially for the occasion, in addition to a whole treasure trove of unpublished materials that provide a rich and multidimensional context. The book, a kind of diary about his career, includes preliminary sketches, intimate portraits of the designer working, catwalk pictures, excerpts from major advertising campaigns and polaroids of their models made during the preparation of the shows. «Yves Saint Laurent Accessories is revealing and elegant and will delight all those who wear accessories and are passionate about them«, explain from Phaidon.

About Patrick Mauriès: Writer, French editor and journalist. He has written over forty titles, including books on Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Goude y Chanel. He is a regular contributor to Vogue, Purple Magazine, AD y The World of Interiors.

Info:  Posted by Phaidon on 26 de octubre de 2017, Hard cover, 49,95€, 300 color and black and white illustrations, 432 pages, 246 x 189 mm, ISBN: 978 071487 4715.