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Mind, yours loving and confidence in modern medicine are among the main pillars of healing, but the external appearance and feel good about yourself is also important, at least in my case it has been.

I gladly agree to the request of my son to write on this blog what I have learned and experienced, This year, because of breast cancer. I deeply, anyone of you reading this section need these tips, but still you can help someone close.

Estar guapa con cancer peluca
As cancer to look good ...: When the hair falls

The first thing to consider in this process is that between 15 o 20 days after the first chemo hair falls .... Esto, which may be one of the most traumatic for a woman steps, It can be alleviated if prepared in advance wig . I was very lucky to meet Myriam Calvo (Jerome Hairdressers) who he advised me with the kind of hair that was going well and hit full. When my hair started to fall, I cut it completely and so did not see how he was going slowly losing.

Although today there are many in the market and of different materials, in my case the wig is short hair and a natural hairstyle, that does not seem to always go for "hairdresser". (In the picture you can see me with the wig on the beach last summer)

Respecto al color, it is the closest thing that always carry ...if too flashy, you get tired easily, and knowing the price wigs ... I've been the same for months.

At home I do not wear the wig, but in winter the head remains very cold so I used caps and scarves. Pero The most practical are the "panties" used for neck. They are easy to install, there really cool designs in sports shops and are not expensive. Very comfortable to sleep ... a real find.

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