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Coinciding with the boom of the tabs in the field of beauty , Nouveau Lashes lands in our country directly from UK, where are trend among many celebrities.

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Its main objective, get a longer eyelashes, thick and natural look that lasts up to six weeks. www.nouveaulashes.es

Once placed (protocol is an hour to hour and a half approximately), replenish recommended every two or three weeks, thus helping them last longer. They are easy to maintain and highly resistant (can have a shower with them, do deportation, etc…)

Nouveau Lashes 1What you get with Nouveau Lashes: A longer eyelashes, with more body and a much darker tone (mask is not necessary, but you can use a water based on tips, to provide additional definition). Of an lightness and comfort, do not damage the natural eyelash, and like this, are smooth and curved, with a flat base and a polished tip fina.Cuenta with a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, curvatures and colors (de 6mm a 15mm en negro jet, expresso brown, red burgundy, purple velvet, midnight blue and green mountain)

Desde un proceso de constante innovación, Nouveau Lashes heads the eyelash extension training in the UK since 2005, siempre pendientes del desarrollo de nuevos looks y técnicas de aplicación, con pestañas y adhesivos de gran calidad para ofrecer los mejores y más duraderos resultados. Cada extensión se aplica individualmente con el fin de lograr un resultado más óptimo, a cargo de profesionales cuya destreza, habilidad y concentración es fundamental.

Other treatments

Además, Nouveau Lashes offers two alternatives within its range of services: Let´s Go They are perfect as they adapt to your lifestyle, and you have available to 5, 10 o 20 minutos. y LVL es un tratamiento lifting para pestañas naturales, que en vez de rizarlas, what it does is stretch them and create an effect of greater length and thickness. It is including its stained and is the ideal alternative to eyelash extensions. Se realiza en 45 minutos y dura unas seis semanas, en las que además, no es necesario utilizar máscara.

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