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Ice Rollers are the new fashion beauty products and can benefit the skin when used properly., pero, on certain occasions, will cause more adverse effects than desired. Find out everything you need to know about them here.

The Ice Rollers are on moda and can be found in multiple online stores: a simple container, when filled with water, placed in the freezer and, for physics reasons, transforms into an ice cream roller. has become, desde luego, in the fashionable gadget of Tiktok and those who use it do not stop saying the benefits of this simple cosmetic tool, first, ultra cheap.

Sin embargo, when you search the internet, there are many doubts about it: from its real effectiveness to the possible side effects -not too desired- that can cause its use.

Ice Rollers
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

We have gathered a serie of experts who give us the keys on it. Here are the questions we all ask ourselves about Ice Rollers and their answers to enjoy this product correctly, safe and beneficial.

¿How to use it correctly?

Given that ice rollers can provide benefits and in order to avoid their adverse effects, we must know that: “must be used with upward and vertical movements on the forehead, and from nose to temple and from chin to ears in the rest of the face. They must be quick gestures and with little pressure. This will favor the decongestion of the face and may, sometimes, improve hydration. No obstante, there are more complete alternatives, passing through the rollers - made of jade, quartz…- or by the gua sha stones that, combined with the right cosmetics, will offer many more benefits for complete facial care to address different specific concerns”, concludes Bella Hurtado, technical director of Boutijour.

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Ice rollers, ¿they are really that effective?

They seem to be effective, but not as miraculous as we think, and attributing benefits of a Skincare product to it would be making a mistake: “They do not replace a product of belleza, since the ability to treat the skin offered by a specific cosmetic product is totally superior thanks to its careful formulation, but they can be effective to decongest any area that is desired. The sensation of cold will favor facial microcirculation, offering a decongestant effect in areas such as the eye contour.”. says Raquel González, director of education for Perricone MD.

¿It really works combined with these natural ingredients?

plus ice, these rollers are often seen with extra ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, flores, etc. ¿Makes sense? ¿It is useful for something? “Home made cosmetics are not usually very effective. En general, natural ingredients do not provide as many benefits as is often believed when applied topically since, by not being treated or concentrated in a laboratory, They are not stabilized nor do they have the necessary encapsulation that allows the principles to be transported to penetrate the tissue and, así, work on the skin at certain levels.

Ice Rollers
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

The useful thing is usually that the active principles stabilized and developed at the dermatological level. Así, cucumber extract in cosmetics is a very good decongestant, but the ingredient “raw” won't add much to the ice roller itself. The same goes for aloe., although it is true that they can provide moisture to the skin something that, desde luego, is positive, although without offering all the benefits that are usually awarded to them”, analyzes Estefania Nieto, technical director of Omorovicza.

¿May have negative side effects?

Although we see that ice rollers can provide certain benefits, especially linked to the decongestion of the face, there are also those who think that they can have adverse effects: Ice rollers can benefit the skin if used quickly and when the roller has started to melt, when water is already appreciated and not only ice on its surface. If it's not done this way, the contrast when coming out of the freezer with our skin can make it adhere to it and cause burns and even wounds. Por otro lado, even if it is already used in the melting phase, should be applied as a roller or gua sha stone, moving quickly across the face to deliver the decongesting benefit. If it is not used like this and it is more than 2-3 seconds in the same area, may again burn it or induce a reaction that must be, In most cases, to a break in the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, which can in turn lead to skin hypersensitivity, mainly. With that, then redness may appear, micro wounds and even pimples”, specific Bella Hurtado, technical director of Boutijour.

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¿It is contraindicated in certain skins?

Además, we have already been learning that not all cosmetic discoveries are for everyone. ¡This case was not going to be less! It seems that you have to be careful with the ice rollers, especially in cases of sensitive skin: “It is not recommended for skin that tends to hypersensitivity, those that are more reactive to certain active ingredients or to contact. They are skins that usually have a compromised hydrolipidic barrier and this cold can accentuate this fact.. It is also not recommended for skin with imperfections., since by sliding we can break the pimples and/or spread different bacteria on the face, increasing any infectious or inflammatory process that we may have”, thinks Ana Yuste, Director of Training for Aromatherapy Associates.

¿Ice Rollers can be combined with other active ingredients?

In the same way that there are people who add cucumber to these homemade formulas, others find that they can combine water or ice with their retinol serums, for instance. Sin embargo, “we never recommend including cosmetics on the stick itself, neither on it frozen nor combined with the water before it becomes ice. This will alter the formula, being able to corrupt it and render it ineffective or, incluso, counterproductive for the skin. What is recommended, is to apply products afterwards, that help to complete the facial routine or even that can reduce the redness that has appeared when using the ice roller”, Elisabeth San Gregorio tells us, technical director of Medik8.

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