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Sí, as you hear, the company has released Nike sneakers inspired by the search.

It is a line design with references to technological elements as seekers (Google), Browsers (Firefox) or even social networks (Twitter)

Esto demuestra que cada vez está más de moda la web, literally, the use of nuevastecnologías. If now independent designers, bloggers, photographers, etc. They take advantage of new technologies and network to publicize their work; in this case it was the other way around, take technological references - more specifically computer - and apply them to the world of fashion.

For those colors, by that design, and bragging rights to search for anything with a simple heels ... I want the Google Nike. They are designed by David Reese and priced between 200 y 250 dólares. Se han podido adquirir en BrassMonki. (where some of the customized sneakers you've seen cooler than ever!), but now I can not find them!

Something like Adidas made some time ago, McKay designed by Gerry, encontramos los conceptos de Adidas Facebook Superstars y Adidas Twitter Superstars, prototypes that are not brought to reality.

Fuente: NokaiWeb