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Granada This excellent young designer presents a photo shoot / publishing his menswear collection.

I met him by chance and thanks to social networks and then, though we have known common, we have never seen in person, but it certainly is one Granada young designers that I like. Jairo Díaz concibe la moda de forma diferente – y diferenciadora. I love the concept of risk and earn man and woman killer but aware of its properties. En esta ocasión os muestro una editorial que me ha hecho llegar sobre su colección de primavera – verano 2012. The conquest, certainly to me I conquer me completely!


Over a period of just over a decade, He acquired control of most of Europe through a series of conquests and alliances. Napoleon is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of history having commanded very successful warlike campaigns. But not all were successes in your life, a part of his head there was a fear, a feeling that the call ( the giant ). Ago 200 Years asked what he thought of China. To which he replied: leave it there sleeping giant sleep because when you wake up will move the world.

He feared the great Chinese armies had that fear in many parts of his life. This short presentation is the explanation of my project ( THE FEAR) that fear that runs through the body of the unknown people, big, the unattainable, human superiority, the inside people and the daily challenge of reaching new horizons and undiscovered places Conquest…etc. Chinese soldiers great mix between the Napoleonic sobriety and simplicity of the Asian army, force against the most hidden fears….

This collection has the strength of the Chinese armies and cleaning and cunning Napoleonic. I invite you to discover a collection full of wit, asymmetry and new ways that depart from the Napoleonic neck to more Asian forms, straight or polygonal accompanied with an aerodynamic touch and using materials like esparto Technology, knitted wool gauze and treated with natural dyes providing each garment a unique color, materials 100% as cotton poplin, gabardina satinada… etc….. Simplemente: LA CONQUISTA.

Photographer: Nono Gámez
Photographer Assistant: Isabel Yeves
Models: Pablo y Nacho Mallol
Makeup, Hair: Alicia Huertas
Making off: Juanjo Medina