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Japanese have yellow glasses hangover pamy (1)

The Japanese have a hangover if they want. It is a fact. Do you like parties in the style of "The Hangover"? Is post're interested.

Maybe some night you go out with the intention to have a drink and go home. But we are much given to extending the cup a few more, All night long. Result is the monumental hangover that accompanies us during the day. Headaches and nausea are the most common factors that remind us of the misdeeds of the previous night. Pero, Are there effective remedies? Clear! In Spain we can find in some pharmacies, even if not proven 100% its effectiveness. But there is a great anti surf culture in Japan.

Japanese to what we know as hangover they call "futsukayoi", which literally translates as "two drunken days".

Japanese have yellow glasses hangover pamy

Among the remedies found Japanese: miso soup, green tea, caquis, "Umeboshi", "Pocari Sweat" and the miraculous "Ukon no Chikara". While the first help overcome the hangover, the latter are preventive potions. Taking them before drinking alcohol assures, although not in the 100% of the cases, a happy ending away from the fateful hangover.

What is the secret? "Ukon No Chikara" is made from turmeric. Turmeric is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia related to ginger. This stimulates the production of bile and this helps reduce much faster blood alcohol level. The miracle drink is sold in bottles 100 ml per ¥ 200 -1,5€ apox.-. If you want to try the'll find pharmacies and some typical Japanese bars.

If there is no possible way to avoid a hangover any of the other remedies help the suffering look greatly reduced. Miso soup, always prepare you the, It helps your body you hate a little less. Green tea will get you recover, but if your plan is to rest, It is a bad choice. Persimmons and "umeboshi", pickled plums, not really work. And finally "Pocari Sweat". these drinks, despite having the word sweat on his behalf, They help rehydrate and recover minerals.

Japanese have yellow glasses hangover pamy (2)