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The hard work of the "blogger's boyfriend" is not unknown” and now “the husband of instagram” arrives”

Vale, we are hooked on Instagram and its wonderful images of food, of it girls or boys that make us dream with their outfits or shots of architecture that leave us speechless but ¿What's behind all that multifiltered world? ¡people suffering! This is shown in this video made by…. where the life of the "husbands of instagram”.We can talk in these cases almost about the minions of all self-respecting instagramers, a kind of pseudo-social-slave who not only has to take the photos, but to know perfectly what frame you have in mind, risking life for the perfect shot or eating cold food after the endless photo session. In fact, a website has even been created to help them and where some images of their sometimes misunderstood life are compiled..

Vale, maybe we are exaggerating, but I assure you that I am a blogger I owe much of my photography to Gema – my particular “Instagram woman” – and I found this video curious to share it with you and by the way, make a small tribute in gratitude to her. ¡Thanks!

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