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"A brand is never going, It is anchored in the memory, our sailor and we know baggage. So in a way we never went ".


I did not know you were gone. He not even knew the firm, but I liked both its history, their philosophy and designs I'm glad to return! A new twist to the marine style that I like and so I move the press release! The truth is that they have a great pint, and probably have an incredible touch! I'll ask my parents to see if they remember, but if you want to send me some clothes I'd be happy to check it for myself!!


A partir del 17 February 2012 you can purchase a piece of limited edition collection "Nostalgia” desde la página web de Amarras. And in Spring 2012 It gives light to the first store located in central Madrid street Jorge Juan, 66. in the exclusive Barrio de Salamanca, they shall be accompanied by the Spring / Summer Collection 2012. But this is not all, Moorings plans to open more stores in Spain, be in multi-brand outlets and expand overseas.

Moorings arose a new spirit, young and fresh, and so they wanted to continue. They work  con Clear lines, simple and vivid colors, careful selection of fabrics to promote the feeling of contact with the garment and do what nautical and sailor an essential nuance.

We certainly know the public that made the old story was waiting Moorings, some already had made their way into your wardrobe, in his heart, or both. Others, without knowing, They are also prepared to receive us with open arms, longing for a brand that meets your current quality criteria, identity and ultimately, It fits your image. For all, again let go Amarras.”

"Amarras invented nothing, but I wear street clothes to hitherto conceived only for nautical and sporting use ". For those who do not know it: The brand was born Moorings 21 de diciembre de 1979, opening its first store in the street Lagasca Madrid, pronto cosecho un gran éxito y sus camisetas y sudaderas se convirtieron en un icono indispensable de la moda joven de la época. The momentum was such that in 3 years were opened 40 establishments throughout Spain. But the success of Moorings could not stay only at our borders, en 1984 "Amarras International Corporation" was established with headquarters in Miami. They opened 3 shops in the most important points of the city, a fourth San Juan (Puerto Rico) and so to near twenty thanks to the expansion Mexico, Peru, Chile, etc.…

Currently Amarras collections focus on product quality, supported by two pillars of the textile tradition, the best raw material and the best finish. La producción se realiza enteramente en la península ibérica lo que nos garantiza experience y confianza que extendemos a los clientes y que facilitan su identificación con una marca española de calidad.