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In general it gives the feeling that the red carpet has been a bit bland ... Is everything that glitters at the Oscars white??

Some successes and mistakes in these Oscar dresses 2012 where, una vez más, the stars insure more than they risk. Welcome to the most eclectic chronicle of Oscar dresses 2012. Here there is room for the best dresses, the worst dresses, those of large sizes, colores, complementos, the ladies or even the geeks on duty ... take a seat ... and enjoy.

Aim at the target

Sin duda white has been the great winner of this duel of the best dressed of the Oscars 2012, both for repetition and for spectacularity. There were memorable dresses and other, worthy of going to your cousin Puri's wedding ...


Rooney Mara I quite liked it, they always say it's weird, but I think these Oscars 2012 He has been able to seize his moment and stand out with this very flattering white Givenchy. On top of going without jewelry, I don't like accessories: you only need your skin and a red lipstick to stand out. The other great "white winner" has been Gwyneth Paltrow of Tom Ford who dared to wrap a cape over his shoulders, and thank goodness, because if it hadn't been too bland.


White is a thing of royalty and warriors. The princess Charlene Wittstock she also opted for him with a very simple dress. Por su parte Jovovich mile, who seems to me one of the most beautiful and stylish women in the world - even as a character from Resident Evil - she put on an Elie Saab and managed to make sense of all that paraphernalia of recovering the years 50, etc…


Kelly Ripa, Bingbing Li y Giuliana Rancic they also aimed at the target. Call me classista but I think if the Rancic dress (the third) I would have taken it "some great nameit would have been one of the ones that received the most votes for the best dressed ... how unfair is fame. For me, of the best options.


The award "cousin puri's wedding"Takes it Shailene Woodley from Valentino Haute Couture for that “look whatmoda and I'm hot”. Chica, you could have thrown yourself in the pool a bit! In second place would be my adored Cameron Diaz from Gucci that is very bland at the top and very “gypsy wedding” below..

The dark side of the Oscars 2012

There were other actresses who came to the much-used black or dark tones, an almost certain success for being something so immensely "normal" that it always seems positive ... but there were also better and worse ...


Angelina Jolie with a "heavy" - or so it seems to me - Versace dress and as always wearing a leg with a huge slit. It was not bad although more of the same, it always goes very similar, although I saw her more sympathetic than on other occasions and that makes her styling look much more. I love the choice of Alexandra Lamy - how do you notice that those who go "of first”Styles are much more elaborate - this time he opted for simplicity but knowing how to stand out with small details. the precious color, the very flattering way, very sexy without being indecent and a great display of simplicity and style. Un 12. For me, one of the best dressed of these Oscars 2012.


The sequin team: Rose Byrne, Anna Faris y Judy Greer. All very cute and bright but I prefer the choice of Greer who knows how to combine colors and shapes to make simplicity something spectacular. Also one of the best options this year.

Approved but bland ...

Muchas, trying not to get out of line. they were correct ... approved because we could never say they were ugly, but they didn't risk either  too much in their dresses, big mistake if it's about you Oscar.


Here they stand out (Well, no, you understand me) Natalie Portman with a vintage Valentino - this was the one he rummaged in the closet, the others were premiering - although I like it, I see it with little substance as for Oscars.  Like Penelope Cruz con un Armani Privé, predictable and serene, It is flattering because it styles her but neither fu nor fa… I also read on twitter that that hair makes her older and I think: “firewood, is that she is older ... that she is no longer that of Jamón Jamón!”. Por último Berenice Bejo by Elie Saab, look she wore rhinestones and lace but ... bland is the word, I think it's the color ...


Penelope Ann Miller by Badgley Miscka, nude, sencillo, without further ado ... Michelle Williams de Louis Vuitton, I read on twitter that it favored him "because it didn't make her look stubborn”, I think that perfectly sums up the feeling: a great dress that remains "little bit spectacular ”or not as much as it should on the carpet… Finally Tina Fey by Carolina Herrera, it's pretty and flattering, I am sorry to even put it in this section of bland, but it doesn't make me feel anything ...

Those that were passed by highlighting ...


Jennifer Lopez Zuhair Murad went sexy and “ponno”And Livia Giuggioli went from original and weird with that unflattering cut.

The baroque touches that made me go crazy ...

For my taste, the stylistic winners of the night were those who bet on brocades and embroidery and lace and baroque and contrast and all "very luxurious" ... that for that this Oscar night you can show off without thinking about anything else.


In a discreet way, I really liked the brocade details of the dress Sandra Bullock, the idea of ​​playing with "two pieces”United by these organic forms I have loved, and even more so if you look at the back - photograph of the actress together with George Clooney before the ceremony. Free Sundays and Sundays!


Un 10 no, un 12 to Jessica Chastain with this spectacular Alexander McQueen. Nothing more to add, The image speaks for itself. spectacular! If on top of the brocade we mix it with my emblem color, the yellow what else can I say? that I adore Nancy O’Dell, whoever it, who really stood out in a rug in which making dreams is necessary and essential. Who said yellow was bad luck? Because I think that here it has been a success and it has stood out!


And here it comes my Oscar winning dress 2012. Se trata de Kate Mara, dressed as Jack Guisso Couture. By the conjunction between the sensation of nakedness, the discreet color but without being bland, the brocades of the fabric - which I think is one of the most beautiful I have seen – that give it movement and stand out even without almost accessories. Although you see that I like many and very different, I think I stay with this dress as the best choice of the Oscars red carpet.

Ladies can also wear ... and how much!

I am stunned by the shocking presence of the two great ladies of the Oscar night 2012; Glen Close by Zac Posen, shocking and sweeping, very sexy and with a spectacular silhouette; I love the detail of wearing a blazer "sin más”About a spectacular dress. Style is acquired with age, that you know! Por su parte Meryl Streep dressed in a spectacular Lanvin with a generous neckline is not far behind


La experience It is a degree and well that they know how to take advantage of themselves and be spectacular without losing their maturity. The compilation of the best Oscar dresses 2012 it wouldn't have been the same without you! Muses!

The color that dazzles

If a good silhouette is combined with a good color, dresses and outfits as beautiful as these that were seen last night can come out.


Emma Stone by Giambattista Valli, no doubt great choice, elegante, simple and above all flattering. Maria Menounos get a sweet style without being cheesy with that conjugation of fabrics that reveal but without showing. Sarah Hyland - the eldest daughter of Modern Family - decided to go for purple, a complicated color, but with this Alberta Ferretti has achieved something elegant and different. These three options seem to me to be the best dresses at the Oscars 2012, and they show that not only the “big”Stars have style…“ secondary ”can also shine!

Large sizes ... What if and what not.

There were not only dresses of the size 40 on the Oscars red carpet 2012. There was also the presence of actresses with larger sizes who showed us how or how not to choose the wardrobe for a red carpet ....


Un 10 to Octavia Spencer off white. You know how to enhance your figure, lengthening it without giving up a light color like white and marking shapes without being too turgid.  A "Yes but no" for Sherri Sheperd, in blue. Good for risking with the color, and good for the way, that stylizes, but bad in enhancing both the top and those sleeves that add even more volume to your "chest". And a clear no for Melissa McCarthy, stick pink ... girl, you look like a cupcake!

Stumbling: tejidos, shapes and color ...


The one Annie Mumolo, Whose bitch is it but I found it very funny to choose that color and that shape for the Oscars. Does this girl have no friends or what?. Por su parte Virginia Madsen He is not right with the color either and it seems that the dress is malillo and is not ironed ...  For your part Viola Davis, green, with how spectacular you could have gone, Because you worth it, no matter how Vera Wang was, that green dress was doing you no favors, too much gypsy wedding ...   y por último Miss Pyle in a Suzy Amis eco dress, who also chose a discreet color. A frame we go.


Honey Anne-Sophie Bion, let me ask you a question Who left you the garbage bag to go to the Oscars 2012? Just like the hell are you going to rise among the best dressed? and you Louise Roe Have you had trouble buttoning your jacket?

The kings of accessories ... or not.


To see Antoñito sky, for a day your wife gets it right - and she doesn't give us the Goya sustazo, you go and put on some mountain boots with a tuxedo. Dec, we do not win for bad times with you. By the way Melanie, go on so you were great! On the other hand we have Busy Philipps, nobody better than her, whoever it, to combine a "simple" dress – I like, you know my adoration for brocades - with purple shoes and earrings worthy of the worst selection of Bijou Brigitte (with all my respect).

The geek on duty

Sacha Baron Cohen transformed into a "military dictator" ... it sure is a marketing ploy. Attentive! You know that I like uniforms, so for my voucher! The best, the slippers that the actor wears. And the companions, great too! What a joy, what a fuss, another pilot puppy.

I hope you liked this particular and eclectic review of the best and worst dresses (and how have you seen, much more) from the Oscars red carpet 2012

Fotos: ©Getty Images via Vogue and Vanity Fair