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"In the variety is the spice, and the mixture is what defines me ". Nothing more comprehensive than the Japanese tradition mixed with lovable toys. It's time for small ponies more warriors!

Se trata del trabajo de ilustración de Jacob Borshard, a versatile artist who has surprised me with this revision of the classic Japanese films featuring war scenes, giving them a look and even pop kitsch to include as nags the adorable at the same time hated small ponies.

The Serie, called "The Great Rebellion Pony", It will delight all those who had little or hated these cursilones toys, but it is to praise the idea of ​​mixing two elements as far apart and create an original set, solid, and consistent message.

Now when we look back these toys, The'll look with new eyes! because right now, any Pony can be a warrior.

Seen: Geek-Art.