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To commemorate its centennial, Galeries Lafayette in Paris plans "Christmas of the Century"” and have developed a collaboration with Louis Vuitton in this showcase.

To celebrate the centenary of Galeries Lafayette's Art Nouveau glass dome, richly ornamented with stained glass windows and carved motifs of Byzantine inspiration, and which is inextricably linked to the landscape of the boulevard Haussmann, Louis Vuitton has joined forces with the most prestigious of Parisian department stores, creating a spectacular serie of Christmas shop windows.

Taking inspiration from the exuberant architecture of the dome, Louis Vuitton has designed a series of scenographies under the theme "The dance of the century", que can be seen from November in the 11 shop windows overlooking boulevard Haussmann.

A dazzling background of geometric patterns inspired by the architecture of the dome, y que subtly reminiscent of Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram and Damier, a collection of exotic and wild animals – penguins, panda bears and flamingos among others – are intertwined in an elaborate choreography. Coming from all corners of the globe, the animals discreetly evoke Louis Vuitton's historic relationship with the world of trip. In the same way, the variety of products on display – from suitcases and travel bags rescued from the archives to the latest leather goods and clothing collections – encompass the 158 years of history of the Maison.

Each window display clearly reflects the festive spirit of the season, trying to please the thousands of adults and children who will come to contemplate the windows of Galeries Lafayette during such important holidays.