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RSC: Love Pink Ribbon, new jersey Barbarella solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Barbarella vuelve a unir moda y compromiso con sus camisetas solidarias para la lucha contra el cáncer de mama. After the success of its design Pink Ribbon, popularized by Terelu Campos (which recently surpassed breast cancer), return to bet on the social awareness with the new model Love Pink Ribbon, a T-shirt specially designed to highlight femininity while conveying the message that all women can fight breast cancer.

The Tshirt Love Pink Ribbon, as well as the previous design, Pink Ribbon, They can be purchased at the online store Barbarella. Price-Shirt: 29,95€

Made of a fabric 95% cotton 5% Spandex (to get better fit to the body and achieve a more feminine fit), the Tshirt Love Pink Ribbon contrasting ago, on white background, an embossed with the word "Love" and the pink bow, symbol of the fight against cancer, designed with stones and sequins. It costs 29,95 euros all profits from its sale will go entirely donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (aecc) y, as proof, Barbarella sent to each of the buyers to collaborate in this campaign the proof of payment of that amount to the aecc.