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El Mundo newspaper launches a new Sunday magazine that wants us to enjoy the best of "Paper" without forgetting everything else.

En la moda es un mantra el concepto de que “todo vuelve”. It seems that the information, everything returns, but improved. Things are changing daily and sometimes antagonistic approach naturally; more and more information is mixed with entertainment and digital with the paper and vice versa. Por eso El Mundo presents its new Sunday magazine called "PAPER”,just to confirm this new trend in which a hotchpotch Superbly used to provide quality and difference.

Next Sunday 20 September goes out the first edition of the Sunday magazine as defined by, “tries to blend perfectly information and entertainment”. This is not a new concept or a combination never seen before, but if necessary make readers of this newspaper get further enjoy reading the Sunday, so rooted in our country.

papel El Mundo (2)

Under the claim "Lee, look, feel"So shocking or phrases such as"PAPER It is the most daring magazine of reporting and the most informative of entertaining"I expected, not only an interesting release, but a weekly content that you may surprise us and give us a more complete picture of news, trends and sensations.

Articulated 3 main sections: tomorrow (technology and future); Ahora ( everyday stories told by even large firms); and always (with the classical part of journalism, interviews, reports….).

Además, amparada por las nuevas tecnologías y como indicaba arriba agradeciendo esta mezcla de conceptos, magazine paper El Mundo is the first multichannel magazine can be read, Show, hear and feel. In this first edition of Paper, el Mundo regalará a sus lectores unas glasses cardboard de realidad virtual para vivir tu experience en 360º, without primer, ni cupones, nothing.

In addition to the already known and Chronicle Markets, THE WORLD reinforces its Sunday supplement deal with the new ZEN: acción, meditation and balance. The new supplement of El Mundo making yourself and be better.

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