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Martin Lamothe leads to some evocative aquatic Olympics through technological fabrics and prints photographic.

Martin Lamothe 2014 MBFW (1)

You know what I'm bound la firma Martin Lamothe, which I plead ardent follower by its proposals and innovative but always wearable designs technological base and constant innovation in prints, tejidos, complementos, detalles, etc…

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En esta ocasión "Water Olympics" collection for Spring-Summer 2014 within the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid it was inspired by water and its relationship with sport, for it was impossible not to have finished Plastics, sports closures and the image of the pools and the universe that surrounds competition.

Martin Lamothe 2014 MBFW (7) Martin Lamothe 2014 MBFW (6)

The collection was It made with blue and green prints with hyperrealistic reasons the bottom of the pools. I could see the collection up close during the fitting brand thanks to Carolina, his press chief, and I assure you that is amazing not only the pattern if not feel that getting on it, creating garments that surprise but you'd love to get.

As silhouette, sports references are reflected in a powerful torso and back, straight and strong limbs, in line with the muscular anatomy of swimmers - defines the press release.

Very little boy outputs, where the oversize silhouette and spot colors predominate.

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And highlight, por supuesto, supplements, always reinforce and how! the proposal of the brand, This is the first year that Martin Lamothe presents its own zapatos with a nautical theme without losing "up" proceeding made in transparent resin and rubber.

Martin Lamothe 2014 MBFW (9)