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If the golden ratio were a woman, sería Florence Colgate.

Her name is Florence Colgate, and besides having very white and healthy teeth (the joke was ABSOLUTELY), it has been shown that It has the facial features more "beautiful" in the world for being "mathematically perfect". Es decir, en his face all mathematical standards exist which should reflect the distances between the different elements of the face (eye distance, nose, boca, forehead and chin). Really, along with a natural beauty with every sense of the word, we find the most perfect face of the world, according to the mathematical proportions of beauty.

And how they found this girl? ¡Mediante un reality show!. It was a television program that showed 8 thousand girls. There the jury of the beauty contest, organized by ITV in the UK, he discovered Florence.

I find it very attractive, con an exquisite blend of angular features but sweet. If you add to this that eye color. It's almost hypnotic!

¿Qué os parece?