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I have a soft spot for Anne, and if she appears that nice, splendid,  and natural at the same time as elegant I can only fall at her feet!

Recovering the essence of London is such a recurring theme that it is impossible to surprise. De hecho, the idea of ​​the stage is not surprising at all, but yes how sympathetic vision is focused, funny and very sixties by Anne Hathaway.

(great that wink in the photograph before Philippe Halsman, photographer who took a series of photographs with famous people jumping, such as Marilyn Monroe)


Creo que  Alexi Lubomirski knows very well how to take advantage of such a trite topic, and that Harper’s Bazaar magazine from the United States in its August issue of 2011 has known how to bet on this issue as a counterpoint to the often repeated trend of the American flag.


Además, the light that Anne brings to photographs, endow it with a more than editorial sense of moda pure and simple, of history, that could somehow remind you of that mythical Roman Holiday, where a princess gets lost to enjoy the streets of a "strange" city. Without a doubt the naturalness makes Prada, among many others, of course, look much better!