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A garment that has fallen in love with its combination of functionality and beauty ... Equilicuá.

El Patterned wool Blend Coat de Polo Ralph Lauren que descubrí el otro día en Mr Porter – la web con la que siempre sueño…. - He has conquered me and deserves a post in the purest style I enjanta, because I would, because I want, because I like and because I want to show it to you ...

I know I would probably look more chubby than I am, this really beyond my powers (as is worth € 1044.30), I fear that I would wear it for stain, break or lose, but I also know is that these clothes for me would be a pleasure to have in the closet, by combining functionality, difference and beauty - to my hear, everyone likes the colors.

So if any patrons, someone who is sobraíto, or even a clueless king millonetis magician and by the way - I know I'm late to ask - gladly accept the gift - but this year, as for next! Is modern order goodies?