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Retaining its iconic form, Speedy 25 with shoulder has acquired new details typical of this line.

The truth is that sometimes the Monogram pattern has seemed a bit pretentious ... but I must admit that in cases like these, Where is this in a way so "subtle", I like a lot.

The Speedy bag 25 Bandoulière - the smaller version of the Speedy model that has recently been added a strap as a shoulder bag – It is now available in leather Monogram Empreinte, siendo the first icon made in this delicate and sophisticated line of calfskin, Monogram pattern engraved on whose skin is a symbolic mark of tradition and craftsmanship de Louis Vuitton.

They have already taken actrices tan estilosas como Sarah Jessica Parker o Diane Kruger (which in this picture it gives you the sense that you have: the rattle of the city).

Apparently small but very spacious, y versatile stylish, Speedy 25 Shoulder You can look in different ways: Informal cross quietly by the body or over the shoulder thanks to the removable and adjustable strap (a I do not usually like me too hang bags and handles are as luster, but here, perhaps set size in general I do not think it is quite ugly) , o well caught by hand or arm hanging thanks to its flagship short handles Toron.

It is available in four colors of the line Monogram Empreinte: deep blue night, in burnt orange, in dark purple, and burgundy. With the Speedy 25 Shoulder it adds a fifth color: chocolate brown again discreetly reminiscent of Louis Vuitton history.

On Speedy: This icon among icons are not always called Speedy. He born in 1930, this little sister bag Keepall Louis Vuitton flagship was called "Express«, Referring to the development of transport and changes in the lifestyle of the time, faster and faster. Incluso, for a time, It acquired the name "Vernet", on a street near the house of Louis Vuitton in Paris. It did not work as well as "Speedy", the name that is now known worldwide.

the Speddy 25 He has fascinated particularly history. En 1965, Audrey Hepburn, a faithful client of Louis Vuitton, He commissioned a special order to Henri-Louis Vuitton: create one smaller version of the Speedy bag. Speedy 25 It became the perfect companion for the most stylish artist.

PVP: SPEEDY 25 with shoulder Monogram Empreinte: 1.550€.