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When a detail makes a difference, when a band joins, when a passion turns into style, these original printed handkerchiefs are born….

Krizia Robustella always makes me fall in love, I like his roll, his style and the flow that he gives off, And on top of that, he knows how to join with the best to keep progressing and doing more and more cool things. These scarves have me hooked, they make me keep up with them and I would love to add them to my daily style, As soon as I finish my diet moda I think about them but well!


The designer Krizia Robustella and the illustrator David Mister The Freak unite their talent and their passion for hip hop and street culture to create his first collection of scarves titled “Bears, Tigers and Panters were born in the 80”.

In addition these iconic references and style to the eighties, but without falling into the repeated thing, they seem great to me.

the handkerchief, garment used by gang members to hide their face and not be recognized, it will be this season the complement desired by all lovers of the urban. Each design represents the character of a crew, a total of X models made with semitransparent fabrics and that will have bears as protagonists, tigers and panthers.