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I can not resist the roll shoes "Indian"

I wanted to start this new section paying tribute to the shoes that I like, for me, that I love, the use, I see them pretty, definitely, you are mine.  Hereinafter, Enjanta in section I will discuss the things I love, more geared to my use and enjoyment, I applied or will apply things in my daily life and my personal style. A Dior is my witness that I define me Enjanta! Why Enjanta? When something I really like, going to enchant "enjantar", as a symbol of emphasis, It is something that I say in my daily life, and here he could not be otherwise. Ahora, let the mess ...


This is a full-blown confession. I am passionate about Indian type shoes, of which seem always say that Pocahontas boyfriend, I mean the former, that it was grunting as she ligoteaba with English. All shoes such as natural material, so soft, in earth tones, with almost handcrafted finishes,  fringed or auctions, is that hypnotize me. A seeing in the last Week Moda Male Milan this desfile de D&G I could not help but fall at your feet, never better said. CIO, give me a clone of all these! (but we must clarify that during these months has been behind several models with clear references to this style we might call ... Boho Indio?)


The problem: My dear mom, apostille always that of "have very similar" and me, I fall in the networks of reasonableness, I reflect and say "he's right”. If it were not for the moral barrier, my shoemaker seem that of Kocoum.