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The fashion talent show Netflix has conquered thousands of homes fashionistas who have surrendered at his feet. Here I value what it seemed to me the best, worst, ¡and ask some digital friends their opinion!

Netflix has invested heavily in a new talent show dedicated to the moda. Con Next in Fashion shows his support for the world fashionista (we know that often more interesting to cine y TV series about fashion). But beyond that speak of so far, you sure you've seen dozens of articles to respect, I wanted to assess it and give my opinion on its strong or weak points. ¿Prepared?

Lo mejor de Next in Fashion

I find it very interesting that Each chapter is dedicated to a single test. Helps not only focus but also to show the entire test, «no hurries», detailing everything and seeing the true evolution of a garment. We see evidence in other reality shows and you run over it seems just as if by magic.

Next in Fashion

It has also seemed very interested in the level of participants, ¡often level! As it occurs as masters of sewing or Project Runway where there are learners and, although they are interesting characters, they can not offer either finished or spectacular works. Is happening here, Each parade has superior quality.

Proof of this is such complex references that designers use and how they explain their influence. Designers draw inspiration from as Bright Young Things – or the case of Chinese fisherwomen – It gives a lot of quality to the history of the collection and its creator. no hurries «no hurries», but will convey much more interesting inspirations.

This connects with another detail that I find very interesting, each final parade has its own scenery. This is very important because it complements the test and makes the show even have more coherence and meaning.

I also thought it was super well integrated advertising format – With the presence, por ejemplo, Moet Chandon Samsung or – no hurries «natural».

Por último, but no less important, many emphasize the Presenter looks. If Alexa Chung at times we love – no doubt that Versace 90s, etc- the true protagonist of lookazos is Tan France, getting not only show your personality but also play with gender, I placed around and make much sense of humor.

Do what you do Celine Dion: ¡be fabulous!

Lo peor de Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion but is not gold that glitters. Por ejemplo, I think they're quite unnecessary, are forced and chaotic Alexa tricks and tips and Ton to energize the program. I think the information they provide is not only irrelevant, but also is they are not enough to function as funny skit.

It has also seemed a bit wrong decompensation between teams, I do not mean quality level, It is normal, but for example there equipment lifelong friends and suddenly teams just met. ¡And of course! So you do not work equally well.

Next in Fashion

¿What some friends of the interne think?

I asked my friends and acquaintances social networks that have shared that they had seen the program and want to share it with you because I love how, even with differences,we are all able to assess how well it is done.

NIF is the best of all, from very dynamic presenters , materials that bring, studies where they work…to the presentation as a pro parade. Nothing to do with seeing a garment on a mannequin, where you see the movement.

I love that you two days to make designs, because the viewer will get the idea that creating one requires time and work clothing. I love it, really. The staging has seemed spectacular.

view Elizabeth Seijas

About the program Chung will tell you that there is real talent and that judges are of the highest level. Almost everyone has worked really fashion.

I really like the couple who are Chinese and Korean because they are two artists with a spectacular view of what they do, thorough and good technique. I also like the two black Americans because they are very 'African'´ in what they do and they have a very elegant point.

Do not mandate a role contestants. I also cry with megamercería and the means they have and the prize.

view Lucio China

Next in Fashion

It has become a good substitute for Project Runway, that for a few seasons level has dropped in a dizzying. A reality always gives life, salseo provides that necessary for seriéfilos, slight respite from so many dramas to offer something, fun and full of twists very unexpected.

Next in fashion has it all. The pace has, technical bill and the level of their competitors make that one can not look away from the screen and stay fully engaged. It's art. The same with its two presenters, they bring freshness and fun.

Opinión Iñaki Oyarzun.

All programs and various reality TV talent who approach the world of fashion, few are so well made, with such impeccable production, as a professional contestants and some presenters with both magnetism Next in Fashion.

Innovativeness, respect for the profession, condensation of a conscious creative process 40 minutos Galloping and way to display how the design really, with professional seamstresses, with all its lights and shadows, It makes you can not leave the next episode for the next day. Spectacular, and the tandem Alexa Tan Chug and France is pure chemistry. I just want to see the second season.

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