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¿You would like to increase a few centimeters in height visually? Here are some men's hairstyles to look taller that can help you without losing your personal style.

Although in reality most of the time the height is something little relevant, The truth is that it is still one of the factors that most often affects the safety of men. To partly avoid that our self-esteem is always on the tightrope, we can use some stylistic tricks to look taller. But not only can this help stay in the clothes, We can also play knowing what cut or men's hairstyles to look taller will be just as useful and important as knowing how to choose the clothes or the look to look taller.

The main objective when thinking about men's hairstyles to appear taller is to draw attention to the top of the head. In addition to adding a few centimeters in a real way with hair, the intention is that the visual sensation also lengthens. Then, I show you some real and comfortable cuts and hairstyles to look taller.

1. The recurring but effective classic toupee.

The toupee is one of the oldest hairstyles to look taller in history, has been used for more than 50 years and even with small variations it is still just as accurate. If it is tousled, it is a "rebellious" and carefree cut, while if you comb carefully, makes the classic look more elegant and "masculine". The theory is very simple, consists of lowering the hair on the sides and leaving the hair on the top of the head long, for what, in this way, the bangs can be combed back and given the volume we want (or we can). This cut makes you visually look a little taller and also stylizes your face.. Además, It is a haircut that works for both young people and older men.

Zac Efron with blunt

Putting a real example, this type of cut has been carried by many people, but with the intention of making ourselves look taller we can think of the iconic Zac Efron who, after his stage of bangs to the face, decided to bet on the toupee to also look more stylized, go from more adolescent to more mature appearance.

2. The mohawk (more or less radical).

men's hairstyles to look taller
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There is no doubt that betting on the mohawk will add a few more inches to your presence, at least visually. It is one of the most popular haircuts to look tall today. The Mohawk cut consists of shaving or trimming all the hair that is on the sides of the head and leaving only a central strip. The fringe with hair – which can be more or less wide depending on how radical we want the haircut – must extend uninterruptedly from the nape of the neck to the line where the hair and forehead are divided.

The goal of this men's hairstyle to look taller is to draw eyes to the highest point of the head, in order to disguise the short stature. ¿And if what we want is to draw attention above? ¿We dare with colors? For more daring men, it is recommended to dye the entire strip, por ejemplo, platinum ruby. The people, to see it, He will only think about how cool your hairstyle is and not how tall you are.

3. Stuffed quiff cut and slicked back

If you still do not dare to wear the Mohawk because it seems too much, but you like the height effect that the hair gets, do not worry, You can sign up for this version more «Demure» and elegant call quiff padding. This haircut to look taller consists of – like almost everyone, have you seen – shave the hair from the lower part of the head and progressively cut the rest, leaving abundant hair in the upper area and almost nothing in the lower part. The intention is to create an effect of abundance on the head that visually elevates our figure a few centimeters.

Ideally, have a greater abundance of hair in the upper central part of the head to emulate a false mohawk. If the pompadour is combed slightly to the side, it can become bangs, run away from it.

4. The man bun or man bun.

men's hairstyles to look taller
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If you are one of those who want to have long hair and play in your favor in terms of height, you can resort to the tan of moda good man, known as a male bun or samurai hairstyle. It simply consists of grabbing a bow on the back or top of the helmet.

You can wear it combed or natural or even empty the hair from the sides to make it more radical. EThe effect it achieves is to lengthen the head and visually gain a few cms from the body. If we think of a real example, dozens of celebrities have worn it like Beckham, Jared Leto o . In the case of someone who does not stand out precisely for his height, we find Justin Bieber who turned to him without hesitation.

¿What should we avoid at all costs if we want to look for men's hairstyles to look taller?

Short men who want to appear taller should avoid long, loose hair, since this when falling on the shoulders visually shortens your figure and it will make them look shorter than they really are.

Por supuesto, forget about bangs or elements that "fall down" and that obstruct the face. We have to look for a hairstyle that favors styling the face. If we cover it or fill it with "lines that focus downwards" when we look at ourselves, we will not be able to convey the feeling of greater height.