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Madrid Fashion Show Women back another year to celebrate the independent and commercial fashion in Madrid.

This year I did not want to miss this edition of MFSHOW Women (Primavera – Verano 2016) sponsored TRESemmé and held in September at the Center Madrid Center (The beautiful Town Hall next to the Cibeles). Una serie of national brands have paraded over two days + 1 Special Curvies showing their new collections and making us dream sweet touch parades. It is that they are brands with real progressions and oriented sale, because parades are mostly made up of looks and outfits can be worn by any human being (depends on what circumstances).

There was room for laughter, the celebrities, new trends, reuniting with friends and meet new people. A few intense days and with a proposal of moda very interesting. Here I inform on parades day and some details that I found interesting MFSHOW

Eugenio Loarce

Inspired by the Paris Hotel Crillon, one of the oldest and most luxurious palaces in the world. Forms and military theater of the Napoleonic era, French XVI style revisited and updated, more cuts mixed with 70's style. Hyperfemininity and baroque with plenty of draping, Versaillesque acorsetados and forms. Between tissues are taffeta, algodones, chiffons and silks, combined with handmade crochet stitch. The main colors are the marine ones, camel and beige, in contrast with the absence of color: the black. Following the identity of the signing, proliferate handmade embroidery, and tinted effects.

Charo Azcona

Charo marched with a feminine and sophisticated line that rests on ethnic inspiration to convey the cultural and artistic diversity of the world. Embroidery, stripes, and delicate lace together to shape light garments and clothing as the centerpiece of the collection, que bring freshness achieved through soft tissues, Nested cuts,  and the stunning mix of colors and patterns.

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The air is perceived racial suggestive proposals, where skirts are combined with volume, Victorian romantic cut shirts and long pants at all. The color palette shows a journey that ranges from bright white, the intensity of the red, orange and fuchsia, to the sobriety of black. Colors that evoke a nomad with a nod to the inspiration 70 bohemian.

Highly Preppy

SUMMER OF LOVE is the name the collection presented by Highly Preppy next summer, thus adopting the name of San Francisco concert 67 y reinterpreting the aesthetics of the time the Preppy style through countless floral prints, paperwall prints and rich embroidery. A very feminine boho chic touch.

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The flowers in all its versions will be the stars of this show, in which colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues, paint a collection with Asian influences in key pieces of the hippie era reinvented for a Preppy always dreamy and edgy.

Aurelia Gil + Yon Taola

Aurelia Gil has been responsible for opening the parade in the afternoon with a strong character and bohemian summer, but without renouncing the style safari tailor cuts, His “SUNRISE” collection” intends to dress the woman of the next season with extremely lightweight women's clothing. The print silk recreates this time a cloak of African orchids grayscale on subtle color shots. Classicism, and electronic pop comfort go together in a collection that shows a natural woman and hopelessly sexy.

Below Yono Taola has presented us with a collectiońin which they are inspired andThis triṕethical and cultural of a European woman, cosmopolitan and sophisticated to different places and landscapes asiátics. Fluid fabrics like viscose, cotton voilén and silk are confronted with the use of materials rístiff as golden brocades, mats or grid on a base of textile. The hazẽhe floral prints on neoprene and crepes offer two visions of the same print. As a novelty for the prónext season, Yono Taola has taken a major steṕs alĺ, including in your collectiońn garments and accessories made with the printinǵn 3D.

Gilles Ricart

The designer proposes something as defined from the organization is "fusion seam". The designer has left behind Tsarist Russia last season to reach China and Japan,  taking over the lines of the popular clothing from these countries,  which has then merged with that of the Mediterranean. The patchwork that distinguishes its most recent collections has become bright and colorful, with touches that seem stolen from turn of abstract canvases. Amazing use of materials that get unify parts that could sound crazy.

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Bloomers&Bikini by PayPal

La firma Bloomers&Bikini by PayPal continues to innovate in the field of swimwear with Dream Island, his new collection and also the only parade that viewers who saw it through streaming could buy different looks with just one click thanks to PayPal.

Inspired by the world of the exotic, the dream, ethnic and classic, novel garments have been created in women who are faithful to their own style thinking. They are ideal for both lovers of traditional designs (stripes, flores, geometric forms) for the more daring as they are not afraid to look funny prints. Under the premise of optimism and good vibrations, Dream Island commitment to freshness, quality and color in their line of underwear and swimwear. The raw materials used in its manufacture guarantee total comfort and breathability. The quality of the new yarns, carefully selected, ensure less wear, extending the life of and Bloomers bandeaux.

Marcos Luengo

He has been in charge of closing the first day of Tamer WOMEN MFSHOW with a collection inspired by an exotic atmosphere and extremely suggestive. Memories and nostalgia for the decade of the surprising and innovative 70.Tejidos are chosen to wear the day. Wetsuits in new colors, optical white and fuchsia. ¡Very desirable above all for being able to make us rediscover a highly saturated fabric! Very fine and light napas adapting unusual shapes. Unique garments with character, as the woman who wears. For the night, sublime classical and moving tissues. Simple Organza, double, triple… Light chiffons and insinuating colors full of vitality that evoke peculiar and recognized aromas. Greatly highlight the use of accessories as fundamental parts of the look.

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  • There's nothing like living a parade of about, if you have the chance, what have you not.
  • A good selection of music can enhance a collection by loading it.
  • The speed of the models can also turn a fashion show into a marvel or a long-distance race. ¡problem with photos! All blurred and therefore, less diffusion in social networks. I'm not saying that the models go to a crawl, but faster, more blur, como dije en Twitter ¡They are the flash cousins!
  • Downtime, better with a drink… pero claro, at the end of the day everything seems much nicer and much brighter.
  • Las celebrities – no matter how posturing they are – They go to the bathroom like you and me…. checked.
  • The important audience is buying. Very well located bloggers, media and celebrities, but all brands need those girls or ladies willing to spend their quarters on clothes ¡So welcome front row a bit eclectic but with good money and intention to buy.

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