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This season is very fashionable Navaho style or American Indian style. Here is my opinion on the controversy  Urban Outfitters and several ideas of how to get it.

While preparing this post I found an interesting article in Smoda on a controversy by Urban Outfitters regarding this navajo style or American Indian in his underwear collection that made me reflect on the social implications of it.

paraphrasing: "The collection (de Urban Outfitters), especially the names with the garments are described, He has sat very badly in associations 'Native Americans'. Sasha Houston Brown, guiding a program that studies the history 'navajo’ at the University of Minneapolis, He has written a letter to the company expressing anger and disappointment. "I feel personally offended by racism and cultural appropriation of his collection 'Navaho’ horteras formed products such as' Navajo Hipster Panty’ (…)”, we could translate as 'Navaho cool BRAGA / modernilla'.

In the letter, Brown reminds Urban Outfitters that there is a law that prohibits selling products that insinuate have been produced by indigenous tribes without these having had a hand in the development and insists that far from honoring these craft what they get is "ridiculing ".

To me this seems to me an exaggeration. I see more of an honor, more than that attempt to ridicule commenting, the fact iconizar this style and do not just trend, but own category within the world of moda.  What the law did not know but even if they can register these products as such, sin duda, no one can hijack an essence, which follows this navajo style.

I really like this trend and have created a small panel with some ideas that you see below. The truth is that I love all and has cost me a lot not fill it with colorful geometric patterns. But I think you can with so simple ideas Navaho define a style very wearable, with touches of trend but always betting on certain naturalness.

I have called Original American Woman because long before the stars and stripes all this and was rampant by Estaitis Uneision or Unaition Estaision.


  • earth tones (combined with white, black and red or orange)
  • Fringes
  • Leather / suede / leather
  • Feathers
  • Geometrical patterns
  • Animal supplements
  • Cowboy


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