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The company Paperwallet, creating useful products playing with new materials, presentan su micro card wallet.

After two successful campaigns on Kickstarter, Paperwallet we announced the launch of its new project: el Card Wallet. The Paperwallet Micro Wallet is a wallet made of Tyvek ultra thin and designed by artists from around the world. The project not only has already received the necessary funding to perform, ¡sino que la multiplica por 5!

They call «Minimalist with Maximum Functionality billfold» and the truth is that it assumes a breaker element in the world of portfolios, not only for its extreme thinness relationship – capacity, sino también por el uso de material ecológico y diseños artísticos.Despite its small size, this new wallet fits perfectly with notes and holds up 8 Credit cards.

We designed the Card Wallet accurately to the micro-millimeter in order to create the thinnest wallet and physically small as possible, ¡sin comprometer la funcionalidad de la misma!” explican desde la marca. “Wallet starts being as thin as a credit card and as you go inserting cash and cards is expanding to meet their needs. It will only be as thick as what is inside.”

About material: Tyvek

The Card Wallet is made of Tyvek, ecological lightweight material which specially selected for its strength, durability and water resistance. Contiene protección para RFID lo cual mantendrá seguro todo lo que haya dentro. Tyvek es un producto no tejido que consiste en fibra de olefina spunbond. Fue descubierto por primera vez en 1955 by researcher Jim White,

Often it used as domestic wrapping, and also it treated as synthetic material used to protect buildings during construction. The material is very strong; It is hard to tear, but you can easily cut with scissors or a knife. ¡Y el agua no puede pasar a través de él!

Micro Wallet with exclusive designs

This wallet campaign is unique because it uses exclusive designs created by artists from around the world. Aome of these creators are Roman Klonek (Dusseldorf, Germany), David Mrugala (Seoul, Republic of Korea), and Anna-Lina (Barcelona, España). Once the campaign achieve its goals, los backers tendrán la oportunidad de desbloquear nuevos artistas y diseños.We make our products to be a canvas for artists and love the eclectic designs that have been created through many creative collaborations,” confirma el equipo. Aquí os dejo todos los diseños.