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Miller & Marc, an online optician offering you the chance to try on the frames before buying from home! I discover this new idea to keep betting on online shopping.

Online shopping mola, eso es así, so comodito from home or mobile to get what you want only a click. But sometimes, there are things that we would like to see us put before to check how we are and if the image we give them is the same that appears in our head to see them. There are more delicate than others for land purchase online, como por ejemplo, las glasses graded and that is where comes into play Miller & Marc.

It felt makers Miller & Marc, a store of glasses online prescription. Therefore propose that you can try on at home five frames you select your models so you can decide which one to after. But go to parties…

Miller & Marc

About Miller & Marc and his designs.

The mark is created by 5 friends entrepreneurs. «We know what it means to wear glasses and want to improve the lives of all who need them offering, as well as excellent glasses, comfortable and suited to your lifestyle service and all warranties«, explain.

As for his style, its design team in Madrid, collects vintage style of the decades 50, 60 y 70 con fuerte inspiración en el cine y la música. And then they made in Italy with manufacturing process over 100 Steps, made by master craftsmen. Por supuesto, They have prescription lenses for professional laboratory and polarized sunglasses 100% UV400 protection.

They have a physical store (Alta San Pablo slide, 2. 28004 Madrid) – also they have optical part where he performs eye exams – In the centre of Madrid. But its main development is through the online store.

Miller test house & Marc

One of the things that attracted the most attention in Miller & Marc is your choice test at home with your online purchase. After leaving your details and credit card (For security) you can choose 5 mounts to prove at home and decide what suits you best. You have five days to pensártelo and then buy the model you like and with your eye data.

I could do this test at home and I found a way very edmoda to take away fear and insecurities when choosing models online. All we should be clear how things work in our face but Each model is a world! I chose five frames and wondered Instagram (You can see it in my Featured Stories Profile) to decide among all what I was model. He left the clear winner mount closely followed by brown in detail in Punte! Here are two boomerangs I did with them I leave.

Miller & Marc Miller & Marc

1 glasses, 1 boy, 1 smile.

Finally I would like to highlight a detail that I found very interesting about Miller & Marc. This is your project 1 glasses, 1 boy, 1 smile. Each goggle that sell made a donation to para la distribución de libros de segunda mano a niños con necesidad. So without us even realize we are helping to promote reading and education of many children in developing countries.

Miller & Marc