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A Galician woman having very clear what makes, what has been done, and what to do, Ecléchico interviews Álex Regueiro, a designer of haute couture and traditional costumes (certainly also haute couture) exposes us his fervent love for each one of the works performed.


¿How did this adventure begin? moda?

En mi casa, since I can remember, It has lived fashion and sewing in a very intense way. It's a family tradition that has been heard since the mid-nineteenth century. My grandmother is an excellent seamstress and dressmaker-I took his hand first contact with wires, needles and trimmings. She taught me to love when fashion was still very, too small.

– A firm name, which it is your identity, What are the aspirations and intend to move with your designs?

I have always been clear that my career would be closely linked to my sewing, my way of understanding the fashion culture. Perhaps because I am sure why and how I do things, defend the identity of my creations using my own name. Alex Regueiro label is reserved for very thoughtful designs, made with the greatest care and so 100% artesanal. My designs want to be a reflection of the inner world of each woman, its magic, his romanticism or strength; es decir, the perfect wrap for an unrepeatable moment. As for my aspirations, the truth is that many, and Paris, I will not deny it, a very important.

– An impressive resume so young…passion for fashion?

Desde luego. I am passionate about fashion, and my great teachers: Vionnet, Chanel, Pedro Rodriguez or Balenciga have taught me that in this profession 50% It is illusion and the other 50% trabajo.

– The issue of traditional costumes seems curious, because after all this is certainly couture, Tell me how different this world we all know fashion, trends, las «seasons»… the tradition.. and clothing?

In traditional haute couture no place for creation, design or personal contributions. The process is very precise and rigorous, because it is used reproductions of clothing at the time. In fidelity to employers, materials and techniques is the success of a good play and learn in depth how was seam XIX and XX is an excellent basis for creating fashion XXI. In reality, all a matter of perspective and I like to say that the traditional high couture was what we would call wardrobe, closet fund, eso sí, Luxury.

– This field requires an incredible expertise…surprises us with some particularity curious

The more you specialize you, unless you assert friend absolutes. Even today it is common to hear many “specialists” affirm that the traditional costume was black, by the absence of color of old photos, Nevertheless, all we have done field work found that the variety of color was normal.

– But not only traditional costumes Alex lives, Tell us how your job couture, Collections? custom made?

Regardless concerned models collection or contract work, my works are unique and unrepeatable, because every one of my dresses, coats and accessories is for a woman in singular. The careful choice of patterns, tejidos, appliques and embroidery is one of my top.

I drew up each model as if it were the most important, and work with greatest care and attention, to make a dress-jewel.

– Una colección «Private» in the web, ¿what do you have to hide?

Hehe. We have created a reserved area on the web where my clients and fashion experts can see a preview of my collection 2011. Do not forget that my clientele privacy and exclusivity are important. Getting feedback from publishers, bloggers and stylists at the moment the process is extremely important for me.

– Tell us why and how you can make your designs…

We would like the official presentation of the collection 2011 dress-jewel was in spring, . What we have decided is who will be in Madrid and in a single act. Given the complexity of the process of drafting parts, I can not specify an exact date.

– Only, sleep, caprice, light, shines… very positive words, very promising… Fashion is a dream?

Por supuesto, but a dream that I like to realize in every creation. When the client and couterier energy flow in the same direction, the result can only be dreamed. My attitude as a creator is to turn that dream into jewelery, and always to make every woman shine with their own light.

– Can you tell us how was the dress that you are most proud of, the jewel in the crown of Alex Regueiro.

On my view of the seam, I guess my most beloved work, It is always the part that I have at hand; así que, that piece now, would be the night-dress in which I am working, for I have created an application entirely hand embroidered with near 16.000 glass beads.

– Future plans, personal and professional..

Todos. ¡I like to think that the best is yet to come and to live!

— Bio —

alexclose1_media Alex Regueiro (Santiago de Compostela, 1977), following the family tradition, knew that the seam, fashion and history of clothing would be their life before they can read and write. Y, if the 7 years and calcetaba, a los 8 He surprised winning contests with their own creations, and the 11 it was postulated as successor Armani. Con 18 he was an artist of the Court and a year later, He was officially recognized as a craftsman.

Santiago bazars, International patronista, was his mentor from 1998, presenting his hand the following year his first collection for women, which he was inspired by the mystical nature of Galicia. It was all a success. After completing his training at the department of design and pattern of Toypes he opened his Atelier in Santiago, which he specialized in recovering ancient costumes (con 15 awards and years of archaeological work to various museums) and in the most exclusive couture. Form, travel and research are his passions, and his greatest illusion, day by day, his collection of jewel dresses, with which in 2011 will land in Madrid.