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Mintmelon is a Spanish brand recently founded and sell exclusively online. The Fresh Fashion Shop

As I said Lucia – de la firma – lo que buscan es que su moda sea una “alternative to the big brands massify models "and to do what they do is have reduced stocks and care details. At the time I thought it would be exorbitant prices, but the truth is that they get to compete quite well with low cost international companies matching the price but with more retailers and original designs.

Me llamó poderosamente la idea de The Fresh Fashion Shop, because I think that pretty well defines the concept of naturalness, originality and difference in fashion I intend to characterize this blog. And taking a look at their products, in fact, meet what they promise, original designs, especiales, fresh, con un genial uso del color y los estampados - Apparent but not bizarre.

As I explain "We offer a personalized advice on carvings, coordinated, etc in a conversational and relaxed tone, like going shopping with a friend (through your email), We care and shipments (They arrive at 24 horas) perfuming each of the items before packing in tissue paper and instead of a loop, We put some jelly beans. "  Do not say that all this is not very cuqui ... You know that the details that make the difference.

Además me ha gustado su uso de las nuevas herramientas de comunicación ya que  interactúan mucho en Twitter (que es donde la conocí) y en Facebook. Y como siempre, desde aquí quiero hacerles un llamamiento, para que se animen también con algo de hombre, que los chicos también tenemos derecho a estos precios y a este genial concepto de moda fresca y detallista! Os lanzo el guante!