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ASOS Giant Joins Star Wars StarWarsmanía with Asos, menswear collection inspired by "The Last Jedi '.

Star Wars takes years transgressing screens and merchandising objects have become products of desire. If the first films began distributing elements outside the cine, with the legacy of the episodes and now with all the fever Disney (Recall that the company bought Lucasfilm and now the saga promote them) He has not done more to increase the number of licenses for all fans - and not so fans - find items to include in your daily life. Already it talked a lot about the different collections moda with Star Wars, as in this Harper's Bazaar gallery it is Smoda article.

ASOS has now been the brand which has announced its collaboration menswear (or so they say but I think everyone could wear it, Even in promotional photos include a girl!) Disney and Lucasfilm, Asos Star Wars, inspired in "Star Wars: The last Jedi, the next installment in the Star Wars saga and one of the most anticipated productions of the year. With its launch in late November, I could not miss in my section Moda Friki.

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ASOS x Star Wars collection merges the key themes of the Star Wars universe with clothing streetwear and party looks to create a single line 18 piezas. Man collection, for sale in late November, uses bright colors and prints inspired by the helmets of the pilots X-wing fighter, as well as details phrases in the only language of Star Wars Aurebesh. The line includes T-shirts with drawings, sweatshirts and shorts in retro sportswear fabrics.

Asos Star wars guerra galaxias (12) Asos Star wars guerra galaxias (13)

What I liked the Asos Star Wars is not limited to putting a navecita amid a shirt and ready, but the design goes beyond and references the warsies but those who get caught not, You can perfectly enjoy a distinct aesthetic. This motivates me more! Because it happens to be just some merchandising to more, a more interesting aesthetic proposal.