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Havaianas presents a new model of sandals inspired by the mythical game eighties PAC-MAN.

chanclas pac man  (1) chanclas pac man  (2)

PVP: 24€.

The classic Pacman, that has managed to pass from generation to generation, returns with Havaianas through two original and funny designs: one with the mythical maze in which PAC-MAN must eat all the dots to move to the next phase,  and all other characters in the game.

PAC-MAN was originally created for more than Arcade 30 años, getting since its launch a huge success that became a worldwide phenomenon.

This legendary game, that passed through many consoles, computers and mobile phones, get your feet this season thanks to Havaianas,with exclusive prints that Sheldon Cooper would die of envy. Este verano, lovers of video games and technology are in luck.

havaianas pacman[2]