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The Iluminatti are already very visible, Therefore triangle, Therefore triangle .... It's time for Flying Spaghetti Monster! And as evidenced by Iris Van Herpen.

There is a religion whose God is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, see denomina Pastafarismo (read more on wikipedia). Si, as you hear, an entire religion with his gospel and all, based belief of a plate of spaghetti with meatballs flying. Surprising, sin duda, who has jumped to its influyo moda, we know then channeled all social movements and some gone to pot.

IrisVHerpen010713-0550_1-LRG Zapatos Pastafarismo Iris Van Herpen

Perhaps all this is a guess on my part but I could not think of anything else in this strange religion when I saw these Iris Van Herpen shoes presented in his haute couture collection for this Otoño – invierno 2013.


Will the Dutch designer, with its sinuous forms, fashionista's new ambassador to the Flying Spaghetti Monster?